It’s the first time since 2000 (19 years ago!) that the full moon and the March Equinox have coincided. I invite you to meditate with me under the lilac moon rays of this rare moon….and take a deep dive into your relationship with your female body and your womb, too.

This is a livecast you don’t want to miss out on — so if you weren’t available last night, make sure you catch up with the replay below.

On the live cast we discuss the importance of your sacredness as a woman.

As a woman you SHOULD:

  1. feel good about your period
  2. feel good about your sexuality
  3. feel good about your fertility

But do you?

If you’re anything like the women who joined me live, you haven’t been feeling good about at least one of the above.

Well, the time has come to transform that shame into sacredness…it’s time to breathe beautiful, new energy into your womb.

And especially if you’ve had multiple miscarriages, lost embryos or spent years trying to conceive without success.

If this is you, you want to make this infusion of sacred energy not just a once-a-month full moon meditation thing but a solid, permanent connection that you can lean on as a source of your own connection to the Divine Feminine.

So with that in mind, I’m delighted to announce…

Womb Blessings are now open for booking!

If you're struggling to conceive, you’re invited not to “sign up” but to raise your hand to receive the kind of gentle support you would want for a friend who’s been through as much as you have.

I'm talking about raising your hand to:

….infuse your womb with welcoming energy for your baby

…alter your core vibration from one of fear and loss to one of joyful expectancy

…unblock the pathway between your heart and your womb

…create a safe space where you can hold your heartache with tenderness and compassion, and then release it

Sound like a lot? It is.

That’s the whole point beautiful woman!

A Womb Blessing is the cure to all the numbers that say you can’t get pregnant or stay pregnant.

It’s NOT true that getting pregnant is all about cycle monitoring, timing intercourse with ovulation and sperm that swims fast, because then you should grab your husband, have sex and POOF you would be pregnant.

But it’s also not about pretending you aren’t getting older, putting on your headset, repeating some positive affirmations and chanting your way to conception.

It’s about clearing out the years of trauma, loss and sad feelings that gather up like a clogged pipe and create a block between your heart and your womb.

Clearing them out so you can open up your heart-womb pathway and set the foundation for the thing that will get you pregnant….whether that’s IVF, IUI, or good old natural conception.

I invite you to find out how HERE.

And now for the Full Equinox Moon meditation! Whether you're trying to conceive or not, you'll experience so much peace meditating with this. Just click below to start watching.