Thank you so much to all who were able to join me live to meditate with Miranda Gray's Worldwide Womb Blessing on the Full Imbolc-Snow Moon. I loved breathing renewal into our wombs and honouring the dishonoured Feminine within us.

If you missed it live, just scroll down to meditate with the replay below. The energy is waiting for you!

It has become ESSENTIAL that we rise up to reclaim, restore, renew the feminine within us and in the world.

As the first sisterhood of the Moon Goddess Mentorship program has come together, I’ve noticed a theme.

Each woman who joined is committed to honouring a culturally dishonoured feminine. In our discussions in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle it's the same.

We're feeling it. It's time.

And in a culture that belittles and shames the feminine, nothing has been quite so dishonoured as the Sexual Feminine.

So I want to ask you…

How do you feel about your sexual self? 

Do you fully embody your juicy essence? Or does your sensuality feel like it got left behind somewhere waaay back and you’re not sure where to even look for it?

Maybe you’re trying to conceive and the stress of your fertility journey has taken a toll on the passion and intimacy in your relationship.

Maybe you’re focused on your career and stressed out by the juggling act and sexual energy is barely on your radar.

Maybe you’re single and longing to attract a passionate, fulfilling relationship. 

Maybe you’ve been sexualized in an unwelcome way, even sexually assaulted, and you struggle to lay claim to your sexual power and own it as YOURS. 

Maybe sexy and sacred feel mutually exclusive.

In this Worldwide Womb Blessing meditation you will: 

  • Let go of physical hurts and breathe goodness and purity into your womb
  • Let go of emotional hurts and breathe love and beauty into your womb
  • Let go of guilt and mental pain and breathe love and joy into your womb
  • Let go of what has been and breathe purity, goodness, love and peace into your womb

And I'll extend a juicy invitation to join me in a simple, fun (and free!) challenge to help you begin embodying your sexual feminine energy in ways that feel healing and empowering.

You can also find that invitation right here: https://yogagoddess.ca/unblock-your-sexual-feminine-energy/

Ready for the meditation? Just click the video below to begin:

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