In a previous post, I told you about my private fertility client Amy, who worked through her fears to reach a place where she could let go: of her need for control, for answers, for the outcome she desperately wanted.

And with that letting go–and in spite of two “mediocre” embryos and one “bad” one the doctor told her weren’t even worth trying–Amy conceived her beautiful son.

You could be thinking, “Yeah, nice for her. My situation is different. I try to relax and calm my anxiety but I’m really struggling.” Or maybe, “My doctor says my eggs are too old so it might be too late for me. How am I supposed to have faith in my body now?”

Take a deep breath right now. I want you to know: it’s not too late for you. And healing your heart is part of the answer.

Lena felt a deep distrust of herself and her body, too. She worked privately with me over a period of 12 weeks. When we started she was second-guessing every decision, from what she ate to which doctor she went to.

A big part of my job was to show her how to put her trust back into herself and into the hands of the Divine.

The Body Prayer is the first part of the process I take my clients through to begin healing the connection between heart and womb.

When Lena created hers, one of the things she focused on was releasing her fears and limiting beliefs. She recorded this prayer and listened to it daily to rewrite her negative internal monologue.

Her releasing statements went like this:

I release all beliefs, perceptions, and judgments that I’ve lost too much time.
I release all need and desire to believe that I’ve lost too much time.
I lovingly instruct my subconscious to completely accept and believe at all levels of my being that my time for pregnancy and motherhood is now.

And she began to believe it.

She began to feel much more deeply connected to her husband, too.

And one of the most powerful changes was in her ability to finally let go.

“Throughout the process of working with you,” she told me in an email afterward, “I felt like I ‘let go’ on multiple levels. I felt like I let go of the tight grasp I had around controlling my life. The guided meditations you created for me helped me connect with my subconscious–to get me out of my head, and into my heart and soul.”

This turned out to be key.

Towards the end of our 12 weeks together, Lena underwent a frozen embryo transfer. The transfer was successful: Lena became pregnant, and just a few weeks ago she gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl!

“I truly believe I would not have been able to get pregnant without working with you. I would not have been able to connect with myself, with my spirit baby, with my body, and with my husband without the work we did together.”

Letting go is the common thread in the work I do with women trying to conceive.

You have so much invested–emotionally, financially–that the need to control the outcome feels imperative.

It isn’t easy, I know that.

It’s not something that can happen automatically or with a few magic words. But the irony is that releasing that tight hold is the path to successful conception for many women.

By the way, Lena is almost 40.

And she has a history of thyroid issues.

Age and thyroid or immune issues haven’t stopped my clients from being successful.

I would love for you to be my next success story! Apply to work with me as your private fertility coach.

If you are trying to conceive and you know you would benefit from emotional and spiritual support to help you trust your body and let go of trying so hard, I invite you to apply now to work with me.

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At the end of our conversation, we can discuss how to move forward with working together.

It’s free to apply, and you’re in no way obligated to enroll. But you do need to feel ready to try something new!

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