August's Full Grain Moon is bright in the sky, and around the world 200,000 women are gathering for a sacred transmission of feminine energy through the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Your recording to join in the meditation is below!

As women, our womb is our ultimate guidance system.

It's our strongest power centre.

It’s the source of our creative ability.

It’s a force for making babies, but it’s also a force for creating your life.

Because womb power is the power that creates worlds.

Womb power, dear goddess, is your superpower.

But if you’re like most women, you probably have a non-relationship with your womb.

Unless you have endometriosis, infertility, PCOS, painful or missing periods…then there’s a good chance you hate all things womb.

Do you want to heal your relationship with your womb? And maybe even celebrate it?

The Worldwide Womb Blessing you'll find below is a beautiful way to begin stepping into your womb power.

And if you're in need of more powerful healing for your womb — or you're feeling the call to tap into your womb power in a supercharged and personal way — I'm happy to tell you that personal Womb Blessings are now open for booking.

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But first…

Here’s what’ll happen when you click play on the meditation below:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all the women who’ve come together, whether live or in the replay, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we introduce ourselves and share the abundance we want to create in our lives
  • I’ll guide you through receiving Miranda Gray’s transmission of Worldwide Womb Blessing energy.
  • We’ll reflect on what came up for us during the meditation–have a journal handy!

And now…just click play below!