We’ve reached Part 4 of 4 in our “Is This Your Cycle?” series!

We’re talking about the 4 different ways your cycle can align with the moon and what each of those patterns might mean for you, your calling, and the phase of life you’re in right now.

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Is This You? Possibility #4: Purple Moon Cycle

Getting your period somewhere between the new and full moons can indicate a transitional phase in your life.

And if it’s the waning moon that you tend to menstruate with–what I call the Purple Moon Cycle–that can mean a quiet stage of self-reflection and self-discovery, a deeper descent into your inner wisdom, or metamorphosis toward a life stage where you wield your feminine powers in new and more potent ways.

The waning moon is aligned with the Enchantress archetype: a wild, fierce, powerful energy that can be deeply spiritual and internal.

Think Autumn: the blustery season when the days grow darker and all of nature sheds what it no longer needs.  

And think the waning moon itself: growing slimmer, withdrawing, moving steadily toward darkness.

If you’ve been menstruating with the waning moon, you may be wrestling with a new stage of self-discovery. Who am I now? Who am I becoming? What am I here for and how can I fulfill that purpose?

Maybe you’re in a transitional time: desiring more meaning from your work and personal life, stepping into a more powerful expression of you, perhaps experiencing or yearning for a sexual awakening.

Maybe you’re changing careers.

Maybe your children are becoming more independent and you’re letting go and figuring out where to put your energies now.

Maybe you’re making peace with not having children, either by choice or by circumstance.

If you’re getting your period with the waning moon, ask yourself:

  • Are you in a time of transition in your life?
  • Do you find yourself taking stock of where you’ve come in your life thus far: am I where I envisioned myself to be, how do I want to proceed from here?
  • Are you feeling a pull inward, a withdrawal from outward expression in the world and a desire to get quiet and dig deeper?
  • Are you yearning for deeper purpose and meaning in your work in the world?
  • Are you claiming your sexual and sensual power as a woman and redefining how you express your sensual self?

If you’re a Purple Moon Woman, I would love to hear what you’ve noticed about this cycle, and what answers you’ve come up with for what your menstrual-moon connection means for your life journey.

Do these questions resonate?

Are you experiencing something completely different?

Come and tell me! We have a conversation going on in our private Facebook Support Circle, where you’ll find other women exploring these same questions. I’d love to hear how this is resonating with you, and I’ve posted a poll where you can answer questions about your experience as a Purple Moon Woman. (Not a member? Just request access—it’s free to join!)

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