What a horse taught me about the energy of wanting

Recently I’ve been privileged to get to know two horses.

Bodhisattva is big, strong, and authoritative: the leader of the pack. When I come up to the gate, he’s right there, ready to challenge me.

Rumi is skittish and quiet. He stays away.

I spent this past weekend with Bodhi and Rumi at Heart of Gold Farm, a beautiful spot outside Toronto run by a woman named Anna Mae Gold who specializes in providing an embodied experience of the law of attraction…through horses. My objective this weekend was to get to a place where Rumi would touch my hand of his own volition.

You can’t just walk up to Rumi. You have to walk sideways, not looking at him directly—take one step, feel how he responds, decide how you’re going to work with the energy he gives back.

Because Rumi doesn’t want your focus directed at him. If you want something from Rumi, he’s going to run away from you.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

RumiFertile baby-making energy is way more Rumi than Bodhi.

That’s what I thought of all weekend as I tried everything I could to get Rumi to come to me.

When we want something badly, our natural, unconscious approach is to narrow our focus. Our whole being zooms in and we get really direct and forceful toward the thing that we want. Rumi showed me this weekend, in the most visual way possible, how invasive and off-putting that energy is. It’s exactly the opposite of what we want it to be: it’s a repulsive energy instead of the attractive energy we so desperately want to be in.

It’s so difficult when you want something to change your feeling around how you want it. As always, I want to emphasize that you are not to blame if you’re feeling stressed-out and desperate. But creation doesn’t come into your body when you’re in the energy of “I want it so badly.” There is so much contraction and tightness in that statement—no ease, no flow, no softness. “I want it so badly” doesn’t allow life to move through your body.

But when you’re centred in yourself, in your body, really connected to all of who you are and all you have to offer, the energy of desperation melts away. You’re in a place of receptivity and openness.

Rumi comes. Creation comes.

Affirmations for shifting into that attractive energy

That’s why a yoga program like Moon Goddess works for unexplained infertility: it takes your laser beam focus off of “I want” and moves you into deep connection with your body and spirit. You feel relaxed, calm, in love with yourself. And then you become that vessel for love to come through you.

Affirmation is another really simple, easy way to shift your energy.

Previously I shared 7 Affirmations to Overcome Your Worst Fertility Fears. Now I’ve put together 7 Affirmations for IVF Success as a special gift to you.

You can print out 7 Affirmations for IVF Success in a beautiful cue card-sized PDF. You can say them daily or multiple times a day—and think of Rumi as you do!

[thrive_2step id=’14291′]Download now![/thrive_2step]

When Rumi finally came up to me, by the way, I wasn’t even focused on him. Instead, I was talking about what I love and that’s when he wandered up. It was so satisfying to experience the energy of letting-go bring me what the energy of trying-hard wasn’t able to.

Can you soften out of trying harder this month and give surrender a chance? What worries you about letting go? Add your voice to the blog and let us know in the comments.

Love and delight,