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Have you ever thought of how you talk about your period?

I remember when I was younger how we used to call our periods “Aunt Flo,” “that time of the month” and, amongst some of my more graphic friends, “being on the rag.”

So I got curious the other day and did a Google search to see if anyone had compiled a list of the euphemisms we use for menstruation.

I got as far as typing “Euphemisms for,” when Google offered some suggestions. The first was sex. The second was death. And the third was period.

Curious how they all have to do with the cycle of life.

But even more interesting to me were the strongly negative connotation of periods. The lists I found included:

  • The curse
  • The axe wound
  • Shark week
  • The red scare
  • A crime scene in my pants

You might not use these more extreme examples yourself, but you probably have used some kind of code word that is less than joyful. Most of us have.

The words we speak have power.

They reflect, create, and reinforce our attitudes, our beliefs, and our reality.

So what does it mean that many of the terms our culture uses to refer to women’s periods are so derogatory? And most importantly for women trying to conceive, how might these words affect our relationship with our bodies—and in turn impact our fertility?

Imagine if you had a friend who talked about you behind your back with less than uplifting words. After not too long, there wouldn’t be much trust or connection or cooperation left between you, would there?

We’re so surrounded by negativity about menstruation—and for a lot of us, our periods really have been a messy, inconvenient, or painful experience—that it would be remarkable if we managed not to have conflicted feelings about it.

You may find that you’ve adopted a negative attitude toward your period without even realizing it. This is the case for many of the women I work with, and it was my own experience, too.

But I’ve seen again and again the transformative power in embracing our menstrual cycles.

For my clients who’ve successfully conceived, understanding and cultivating a loving connection with their cycles has been key to restoring their fertility. The results have been truly exciting.

I would love to share with you how reclaiming the wisdom of your body and your menstrual cycle can help you heal the hidden causes of infertility.

My eBook Fertility Secrets of the Female Body shows you exactly how to do this.

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In Fertility Secrets of the Female Body I show you:

▪ How to release unhealed pain from past miscarriages, abortions, failed IUI and IVF cycles–to Increase trust and belief in your body’s ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.

▪ How to stop experiencing your period as a sign of disappointment and failure each month–and why having a loving relationship with your menstrual cycle is essential to healing infertility.

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▪ How to bring the joy back into making a baby in both your natural and treatment cycles–so you can conceive your baby from a place of love, rather than tension, stress or anxiety.

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I am so excited to share my fertile, feminine wisdom with you.