This week we’ve been talking about the 4 different ways your cycle can align with the moon.

Each carries not only its own symbolism, but its own insight and guidance about your life path–information you can tap into as you grow on your journey.

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Is This You? Possibility #3: Pink Moon Cycle

If you’re not on a White Moon or Red Moon cycle, then you might be asking: My period doesn’t fall on the new moon OR the full moon. What does it mean if I’m in between?

Let’s start with the cycle that aligns with menstruation on the waxing moon, what I call the Pink Moon cycle.

Getting your period between the new and full moons can be indicative of a transitional phase in your life. And in the case of the waxing moon, this can mean you’re growing toward something bigger, fuller, bolder, brighter.

(Exciting, right?)

The waxing crescent moon is aligned with the Maiden archetype: the Go-Getter, full of new enthusiasm, mental clarity, and physical vigour, ready to go forth and take on the world.

Think of the moon in its waxing phase: it’s not the new moon anymore, but it’s not the full moon yet either. It’s going somewhere, and that place is bigger and more vibrant — but it’s not there yet.

As a Pink Moon Woman, you may be wrestling with a new stage of self-discovery: Who am I? Who am I becoming? What am I here for and how can I fulfill that purpose?

You may be in a new phase of growing up into adult womanhood, struggling between your idea of what a woman is versus holding onto your younger, freer girl self.

You may feel ready to take bold risks toward the future you desire.

As with all of the menstrual-moon cycles, the connection is not about hard and fast rules but about noticing and inquiring, asking yourself what your cycle pattern could mean for you.

If you see that your period is regularly coming after the new moon but before the full moon, start asking yourself:

  • Are you in a time of transition in your life?
  • Are you desiring the unconventional path — maybe you’re unsure how to step onto it, or maybe you feel clear and enthusiastic?
  • Are you leaving girlhood behind, whether literally or metaphorically, and still figuring out what that might mean for you?
  • Are you feeling a drive to step out into the world and do something daring (like become a healer), regardless of what anyone says?

If you’re a Pink Moon Woman, I would love to hear what you’ve noticed about this cycle and how it aligns with your current life stage.

Do these questions resonate?

Are you experiencing something completely different?

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