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Thank you so much to all of you who joined me live for yesterday’s Full Moon meditation! Together we balanced the Earth Mother and Moon Mother within us as we soaked in the green and light blue moon rays.

If you weren’t available at the live cast time or you’re just joining us now, don’t worry – I’m including the recording below, and you can watch the replay as soon as you’re ready.

Now let’s talk about this moon! I have recently become fascinated with astrology and during this month’s live cast I talked a bit about the implications of the Moon in Scorpio.

To paraphrase Brittany Binowski of Wonder Girl Astrology, the Full Moon in Scorpio is all about endings giving way to new beginnings. We are going through a period of deep transformational change in many areas of our lives (internal and external), and especially in the areas of relationships and money. In essence, this full moon is bringing a lot to the surface for us to process, so that we can move forward. You can find her full video about this topic here.

Like in the Enchantress phase of our menstrual cycles (when we’re pre-menstrual), what stays buried in the shadowy layer of our subconscious minds during the rest of the month, pushes its way up to the surface to be dealt with, whether we’re ready or not. The Scorpio full moon is calling us into a similar kind of reckoning.

For me, this also brought to mind Seaspiracy, the Netflix documentary I watched over the weekend about the environmental impact of the fishing industry. Just like our personal muck is rising to the surface, our collective muck continues to rise, as well. The light is being shone on everything from how people are treated (e.g., Black Lives Matter) to the fact that our earth continues to be raped and pillaged by big industry. All these injustices are rising to the surface of our collective consciousness, so that we can create change. And, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s happening while the Full Moon is in Scorpio.

It’s time that we, as a collective, look at these skeletons in our closet, so we can bring deep transformational change to the earth, as well as to our personal lives.

Before you meditate with the replay, ask yourself:

  • What’s important? 
  • What’s calling me into my purpose?
  • What’s central to what I want to put out in the world?
  • Are my passion and purpose connected? And if not, how can I connect them? 

As you meditate with the replay, use the green and light blue moon rays to manifest your highest dreams with calm and balance- connect to the beautiful green and blue of the earth mother’s oceans. 

During the live cast I also mentioned I have a  request… Our beautiful community has members from all over the globe and I’d LOVE to showcase you all! My goal is to create a collage of as many goddesses as possible to share on my social media accounts. I hope to raise awareness of our Yoga Goddess Virtual Circle and attract even more women who are walking the same sacred feminine path.

If you’re willing to participate, I’d love to see your photo/selfie:

  1. Hold a sign with your location (city, country or state, country) 
  2. Ideally, look for the announcement and post it to the thread rather than posting your selfie directly to the news feed

I’m so excited to see how the collage turns out!

Just click below to access the replay: