The May Flower Moon is almost here, and you’re invited to celebrate it with our Facebook live meditation. We’ll be joining Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Womb Blessing, which is all about allowing the flower of our sacred sexuality to open to its full expression and beauty!



Flowers are a beautiful reflection of our divine femininity and sexuality.

Like a flower when it blossoms from a closed-up bud to its fully-unfurled glory, our sensuality can only flourish in openness and full expression.

But we all know the ways that female sexual energy has been exploited, punished, and policed in a patriarchal world.

As Miranda Gray writes, “Both traditional views and modern advertising can restrict and damage our view of female sexual energies.”

One tells us our sexual energy is wrong or impure. The other makes women’s sexuality about the pleasure and gaze of others (usually men). Between these two messages, it’s no wonder so many women and girls are confused about how to own, nurture and enjoy their own sensual and sexual selves…for themselves.

During the Worldwide Womb Blessing, you will:

  • Harness the energy of the Full Flower Moon to connect deeply with your body and your sensual feminine energy.
  • Accept your sacred sexuality, free of fear, limitation, and expectation.
  • Welcome in the Mother archetype of Summer (Miranda says it can be particularly powerful if you are in your ovulation phase because you share the same energies as the Earth Mother).

Our meditation under the Full Flower Moon is happening on Saturday, May 18 at 12:45 pm EST / 9:45 am PST / 5:45 pm UK / 10:15 pm India Standard Time–note this is a different time than our usual!

Check your timezone here.

Make sure to take these TWO steps to participate:

===>> Sign up for the Yoga Goddess full moon live cast circle

===>> Enter your registration details on the official Worldwide Womb Blessing site & choose 18:00 on the registration page here