Happy Beltane!

The Full Flower Moon is almost here, and with it the Worldwide Womb Blessing that Miranda Gray calls the most important since she first began transmitting the Womb Blessing energy in 2012. 

Please join me live in the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle on May 7 to receive the Womb Blessing energies alongside 200,000 women worldwide.


This is the first Worldwide Womb Blessing since our earth entered its current crisis/awakening. 

It falls just after Beltane, an ancient festival marking the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, a celebration of sensuality and fertility, fire, vitality, passion and joy. Beltane honours the union of mother earth with the fertility god, and through their love-making life blossoms all around.

Miranda Gray says that this upcoming Womb Blessing “will be an oasis of female energy in a chaotic world and an opportunity for all of us to rest and restore our energies and to find peace and centredness within ourselves.”

An oasis of female energy. A sanctuary in the desert. A place to rest and renew, connect more deeply with ourselves, our feminine energy, and other women. And maybe even celebrate a little. 

It is Beltane, after all. A time to honour earth’s abundant energy as nature flourishes around us. To celebrate sensuality, sexuality, the magic of fertility, the possibilities of conception, creation, and new life. 

If you’re worn out after six weeks of isolation and devastating headlines…

If you’re feeling a new, peaceful vibration in the earth thanks to stilled commerce/production, consumption/transportation…

If you’re ready to embrace the abundant fertility of the season, to get outside (safely) and dance…

You’ll find welcome in this oasis of female energy.

Here’s what will happen when you join me for the live cast:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all the women who’ve come together live, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we introduce ourselves and share what’s brought us here.
  • I’ll guide you through receiving the Worldwide Womb Blessing energies.
  • We’ll share what came up for us during the meditation, supporting and virtually holding our sisters.

Our meditation is happening on Thursday, May 7 at 12:45 pm EST / 9:45 am PST / 5:45 pm BST / 6:45 pm CEST / 10:15 pm IST.

Check your timezone here.

Make sure to take these TWO steps to participate:

  1. ===>> Sign up for the Yoga Goddess free full moon live cast circle
  2. ===>> Enter your registration details on the official Worldwide Womb Blessing site & choose 18:00 on the registration page here

I can’t wait to gather with you for the Worldwide Womb Blessing!

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