The May Flower Moon is coming up at the end of the month. To celebrate, you’re invited to join our Facebook live meditation on May 30th, where we’ll call in the energy of the Full Flower Moon to nurture our own blossoming.


Flowers are a beautiful symbol of female sensuality and sexuality. Like a flower when it blossoms from a closed-up bud to its fully-unfurled glory, our sensuality can only flourish in openness and full expression.

We all know the ways that female sexual energy has been exploited, punished, and policed in a patriarchal world. The flowers blossoming in gardens and fields in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year remind us that it’s in openness that we reach our full purpose and beauty.

I love what Miranda Gray says about this:

“It is time to allow the flower of our sexuality to open and for us to accept it in all its beauty and enjoy how it naturally expresses itself in our lives. Freed from fear, limitation and expectation we can discover our true sexual sacredness.”

Modern-day goddesses may be inspired by some of these ideas for celebrating the Full Flower Moon:

  • Weave flowers into wreaths for a friend, a lover — or yourself!

  • Give gifts of perfume, incense, herbs, sachets & flowers

  • Wear your most colourful clothes, or anything that helps you glory in your full sensual expression

  • Wear a flower in your hair to celebrate the flourishing life around us

As new life blossoms in gardens all around us, allow the lush abundance to nurture your own blossoming. In what ways do you want to blossom this spring?

Tune in with me live on Facebook Wednesday, May 30th at 5:45pm EST / 2:45pm PST / 10:45pm BST / May 31st 7:45am AEST to meditate with May’s Flower Moon.


And if you can, have a flower with you for the meditation!

We’ll gather virtually to invite and celebrate the flourishing of fertility, sensuality, new life…and our own blossoming. Click here to sign up.

May the Full Flower Moon bring you regeneration, abundance, and pleasure!