Not Psycho Period Thank You

You're In for We're Not Psycho, We're Cyclical. Period! On March 8th

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Red Tent Sisters

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The #notpsychoperiod movement is important because:

  • Feeling embarrassed about your period is disempowering, but embracing this essential thing that makes us female is deeply empowering.
  • As women we’ve internalized period aversion (from religion, patriarchy and our culture) for way too long, and I believe it’s high time WE took control of the conversation about our bodies.
  • So many women feel emotionally haywire, disconnected from themselves, yearning for a purpose they can’t grasp hold of. And our menstrual cycles actually hold a key to understanding WHY—and how to change it.
  • The hidden wisdom of our menstrual cycles is our birthright as women – yet we were taught NONE of this in school!

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