Happy International Women’s Day, goddess!

It is now over a decade since I first stumbled across the information that changed my life as a woman.

By the time I found this information, I had long accepted certain ideas around women’s bodies and women’s cycles. I had accepted that it was normal to think of myself as emotionally unbalanced. I understood that there were times of the month when I was a little crazy, a little bitchy. I was a woman, and therefore I was irrational and unpredictable: it came with the territory.

Then I discovered Miranda Gray’s work and Christiane Northrup’s books. They both explained the rhythm of women’s hormones and the ways women are directly connected to the moon phases and the seasons. I was blown away.

It turned out I wasn’t psycho. I was cyclical.

Acquiring that deeper understanding of my body, my hormones, and my cycle changed everything about my relationship with myself. It was the beginning of the work I do through Yoga Goddess, and it’s the principle at the core of the Moon Goddess yoga and meditation program.

Now, twelve years into my work with women’s cycles, I’m seeing a shift in women’s interest in this essential aspect of themselves. I feel like the time is right to broaden the cultural discussion around periods in a really big way.

Taking charge of the conversation

This is an exciting time in our cultural evolution. So many old structures of the patriarchy are falling away. This is the first time in the history of women’s existence that we get to have a say over our own bodies. Think about that for a minute: every woman in every other time has been owned, raped, beaten, drugged into unconsciousness to birth her children, or somehow abused as the norm of society.

And now that we have this unprecedented dominion over our own bodies, it’s our job to set the tone on those bodies, to decide how we want the conversation about women’s bodies and women’s cycles to go.

And I think it’s time we stepped up and did that.

Because while we may have originally internalized period aversion from men, it’s we women who proliferate a lot of the negative stereotypes about periods. The idea of “being on the rag.” The euphemisms or outright lies we use to avoid having to disclose that we’re on our period. The dismissive approach many of us take toward our hormones:

“It’s just hormones.”
“Ignore me, I’m just PMSing.”

My wish for you is to start challenging the idea you may have accepted of what it means to be a hormonal woman.

And I believe we shouldn’t be talking about periods only because we’re trying to get pregnant, because the conversation is much bigger than fertility. It encompasses so much of what makes us women, and there’s still a lot of cultural baggage around it.

I invite you to start thinking about this stuff for yourself:

How do you view your periods and your hormones?

How do you talk about your cycles? Is it mostly framed in the negative?

Is the only reason you’ve become interested in your cycle because you’re trying to get a particular result out of your body (like pregnancy), or do you feel any deeper call to own your power as a woman and connect to your female essence?

Do you have any sense of what that might mean to you?

You can embrace your hormones and transform your life with Moon Goddess.

Learn to flow with – instead of against – the weekly changes in your hormones so that you can:

  • Heal hormonal health challenges like PMS, painful or missing periods, flagging libido, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and any other condition where the pituitary is having trouble communicating with your ovaries.
  • Transcend the anxiety, depression and stress that come from being out of balance with your hormones.
  • Learn to flow with instead of against the weekly changes in your hormones so that you can tune into your menstrual cycle’s profound gifts of insight and self-knowledge, creativity and healing, emotional and mental capacity.
  • Find out how beautifully your menstrual cycle mirrors the phases of the moon.

Because the magic of your menstrual cycle is about so much more than your period: it’s about all of who you are as a woman, and it holds the key to unlock your true power.

==> Join Moon Goddess now and blossom into your true goddessy self!

Love and delight,


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