Creating Money: Keys to Abundance is one of the many books on my night stand right now and it's one that I keep on coming back to.  The author, Orin is a spiritual teacher who helps us put the spiritual laws of abundance, prosperity and soul directed action into practice.

Orin writes:

To manifest what you want, intend to create it. In other words, make up your mind that having what you want is important to you and that you are willing to put a certain amount of thought and energy into getting it. Your intent to have something directs your energy into getting it. Your intent to have something directs your energy and focuses it on your goals.

Think of something you want right now. Do you intend to have it? Do you think about it even when you are doing other activities?

When you have a clear intention to have something, you generate energy that is focused like a laser beam to go out an get what you want. If you intend to have something you will.

I encourage you to actively work with the divine forces of creation to manifest what you want in your lives. Instead of waiting for your dreams to come true, look to become true to your dreams.  Dream, journal, vision board, meditate and add light to the vision you want for your life.  And most importantly remember, you are the source of your abundance.

Love and delight,


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