Welcome to Moon Goddess!

This is your member area for everything you need to get started, watch a video, or refer back to something you’ve learned when you want a refresher.

Please feel welcome to contact our Customer Care Goddess if you need any guidance or have any questions at iam@yogagoddess.ca

Before you begin, please take a few moments to watch the orientation video below.

Start Here: Set your Intention for the program.

Intention Setting Form for Fertility

Use this form to clarify your intention for doing the Moon Goddess program. This is a powerful first step to evoke the healing you wish for.

Step 2: Join the Facebook Community

This is a private, safe space to share your journey and be supported by other women who are experiencing Moon Goddess. Request your access here.


Step 3:  Listen to your Meditation On Timelessness Bonus

It’s normal to have thoughts like “I’m getting too old” or “I waited too long before trying to conceive”. To help shift your energy, meditate on timelessness and trust your timing is perfectly divine.

Step 4: Chart Your Cycle

Understanding where your cycle lands in relationship to the moon will help you determine which meditation in Moon Goddess to start with.

Step 5: Start your meditation according to your cycle.

*Please note: Take the time to utilize each of these meditations depending on what week you are in each and every month. The best way to have you integrate with the Moon Goddess program is to kick off your practice with one, and then continue each week!

Step 6: Begin The Moon Goddess Videos:

Download your Moon Goddess Yoga Flow Illustrated E-Book to assist you in your practice.

How to use the videos:

I encourage you to set aside at least 15 minutes daily to complete a Moon Goddess Yoga Practice video or two. It’s really up to you and your schedule which videos you complete.

Our Yoga Goddess Recommendations:

If you have 15 Minutes: Complete Video 1 and Video 4
If you have 35 Minutes: Complete Video 1, 2, and 4
If you have 90 Minutes: Complete All 4 Videos

Once a week, set aside 90 minutes to complete all 4 videos in sequence.

You have to the option to press PLAY and watch the videos from your browser OR click the link to download the video to store on your computer and watch at your convenience without an internet connection.

Video 1: Opening your Practice with the Adi Mantra

In this video, you’ll create a more loving connection with your body to feel more centered and peaceful. We’ll Set your intention to heal your relationship with your body and embrace your power as a woman.

Video 2: Moon Goddess Yoga Flow

Follow a Gentle and Easy Flow of my Signature Moon Goddess Yoga Poses – 11 gentle and easy poses to support your reproductive organs. This will draw healing energy and blood flow into your hips, pelvis, uterus and ovaries, soothe your ovaries to encourage healthy ovulation and provide relief from pms, cramps, fibroids, cysts or any other period pain to reduce spotting and improve menstrual flow.

Video 3: Kundalini Yoga for the Pituitary Gland

A kundalini yoga sequence to gently stimulate the pituitary gland and heal the underlying conditions that create hormonal imbalance, we’ll concentrate on the breath of fire, a powerful breathing technique to release toxins, improve concentration, reduce stress, and awaken vital energy.

Video 4: Relaxation and Meditation to Balance the Menstrual Cycle

Relax and take in the healing effects of your yoga practice. Meditate using an ancient breath meditation to optimize your hormones and erase negative thinking. This Video will relax your stressed-out mind, improve your cycle length and regularity, balance your emotions and feel more positive.

Step 7: Listen to your Meditation On Timelessness Bonus

To calm your stressed out mind, meditate on timelessness and dip into the sacredness of the present moment where there is only is-ness.

Your Bonus

Sensual Magic Program

This 6-Module program is the signature program I use to teach women how to to harness your sensual feminine energy with skill and confidence.

Click to access the program

Please feel welcome to contact our Customer Care Goddess if you need any guidance or have any questions at iam@yogagoddess.ca