Hello Goddess! I’m Zahra Haji. I’d like to invite you to begin your path to healing your relationship with the Divine Feminine. My 5-week program is designed to help you eliminate painful & irregular periodsunderstand the connection between your cycle & the moon, and tap into your womb power – so you can thrive as a cyclical woman.

But first, tell me if any of these sound familiar:


DO YOU FEEL DEPLETED, emotionally unbalanced, disconnected from yourself, yearning for a purpose you can’t grasp hold of?


Are you DOUBLED OVER each month with painful periods and crazy PMS, or even deeper HORMONAL HEALTH challenges like amenorrhea aka missing periods, PCOS, fibroids OR endometriosis?

Has your doctor said taking the pill is your ONLY OPTION?

Are you trying a ton of natural remedies month after month only to find NOTHING IS WORKING?


Have you noticed a CURIOUS SYNCHRONICITY between your period and the moon and wondered how to HARNESS THE POWER of that DIVINE FEMININE CONNECTION?


Do you want to experience your TIME-OF-THE-MONTH as a gift that empowers you in every area of your life: work, health, relationships, sex?

Would you love to uncover your WOMB POWER and your MENSTRUAL-MOON CONNECTION?

Who would you be if you stepped into the fulness of your power as a woman?

Moon Goddess is a yoga, meditation and goddess-style life practice designed to get you deeply in touch with your truly powerful Goddess-essence. Through yoga, meditation, menstrual-moon charting and weekly stay-on-track emails, you’ll learn practical ways to honour the four distinct goddess energies that we each manifest as part of our cyclical nature.

Learn to flow with – instead of against – the weekly changes in your hormones so that you can:


Heal hormonal health challenges like PMS, painful or missing periods, flagging libido, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and any other condition where the pituitary is having trouble communicating with your ovaries.


Transcend the anxiety, depression and stress that come from being out of balance with your hormones.


Tune into your menstrual cycle’s profound gifts of insight and self-knowledge, creativity and healing, emotional and mental capacity.


Discover how beautifully your menstrual cycle mirrors the phases of the moon.

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“I didn’t menstruate for 2 years from the age of 24-26.  I came to Moon Goddess to hopefully heal my halted flow. I knew I wasn’t honouring my body and was having a hard time making a change…Needless to say after doing this along with other self care regimes, I got it back!! The awareness I garnered from your class is invaluable.  Thank you, thank you.”

– Jessica Salguero

Moon Goddess

Inside every woman is encoded an ancient feminine heritage.

An unconscious collective desire is bubbling in us, a desire to rediscover this innate magic and wisdom of womanhood and reclaim our almost-forgotten birthright: our connection with the cycles of our body and the moon. We may live in a world built largely on a linear masculine model, but we are not linear beings. We are beautifully cyclical. And when we learn to stop struggling against our natural rhythms and discover how to work in harmony with our cycles and our hormones, the practical benefits extend into every area of our lives: love, relationships, work, sex, and family.

“I feel like I have come home to knowledge my blood has always known, but that the world did not share with me. Moon Goddess has shown me there is another way of being female, powerful, and vulnerable, and that menstruation and the moon are the source of our strength as women. I feel the urge to run outside and dance naked growling at the moon!”

Laura Hollway

You will be guided step-by-step through Moon Goddess to…


Restore healthy hormonal balance using the power of a Kundalini yoga and meditation practice tailored specifically to healing women’s reproductive and hormonal challenges


Work with your cycle to feel centered, calm, and grounded instead of on edge, in pain, crazy, and disconnected


Embrace and flow with the four goddess energies and the strengths and aptitudes they provide you at each phase of your cycle


Predict your peak energy times, your peak creativity times, your peak sexual times, and the times you’ll need to rest


Heighten your intuitive awareness


Bring calm and balance into your life

“Thank you so much for your beautiful Moon Goddess yoga and meditation program – it is exactly what I have been looking for. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect practice. It’s brilliant and your instruction – divine. I am thrilled to be able to add this to my weekly practice. It is the yoga practice I have been craving – not too little, not too much, and beautifully tailored to my needs and deep creative, feminine desires. A heartfelt thank you.”


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In Moon Goddess Video 1

Set your intention to heal your relationship with your body and embrace your power as a woman

I will help you:

  • Breathe deeply and relax into the moment
  • Clearly name your heart’s desire for healing
  • Chant the Adi Mantra to open your connection with the Divine Feminine

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You want to create a more loving connection with your body
  • You want to feel more centered and peaceful

“The Moon Goddess practice invoked in me a surprising number of emotions. It also allowed me to quiet these emotions and reach a safe, silent, neutral space. Moon Goddess has made me realize that I too often allow people to ascribe me with labels. The practice is about getting in touch with that part of your inner self that need not be labeled – that just is.”

Vanessa Richard

In Moon Goddess Video 2

Follow a Gentle and Easy Flow of my Signature Moon Goddess Yoga Poses

I will instruct you step-by-step through:

  • My Moon Goddess signature yoga flow – a series of 11 gentle and easy poses to support your reproductive organs
  • Draw healing energy and blood flow into your hips, pelvis, uterus and ovaries
  • Soothe your ovaries to encourage healthy ovulation

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You need relief from pms, cramps, fibroids, cysts or any other period pain
  • You want to reduce spotting and improve menstrual flow

“I always felt tense with my cycle, but through Moon Goddess I’ve learned how it benefits me and how to make it work for me. My body is a lot more relaxed than before. I maintained the practice of the four recommended yoga poses for the menstrual phase, and for the first time ever I had no cramps and no backaches. I was amazed.”

Ayeesha Kanji

In Moon Goddess Video 3

Regulate your Hormones with Kundalini Yoga

I will instruct you step-by-step through:

  • A kundalini yoga sequence to gently stimulate the pituitary gland and heal the underlying conditions that create hormonal imbalance
  • The breath of fire, a powerful breathing technique to release toxins, improve concentration, reduce stress, and awaken vital energy

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You want to stop suffering from PMS
  • You have PCOS
  • You struggle with depression and anxiety related to hormonal imbalance
  • You want to heal any cycle irregularity

“ I feel like I have a whole new toolset to understand and leverage what’s going on in my body.  The meditation, yoga and information called attention to things that already existed and allowed me to understand and use these energies in a positive way rather than getting frustrated. Physically, my back has improved so much. Each week I felt my back and my body release more deeply into the postures – it was wonderful and revitalizing. I am able to physically be closer to my partner, since I understand and am more in tune with my cycle.

Kristen Roderick, Founder, Spirit Moving Narrative Consulting

In Moon Goddess Video 4

Meditate to Erase Negative Thinking and Optimize Ovulation and Menstruation

I will show you how to:

  • Relax and take in the healing effects of your yoga practice
  • Meditate using an ancient breath meditation to optimize your hormones and erase negative thinking

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You need to relax your stressed-out mind
  • You want to improve your cycle length and regularity
  • You need to balance your emotions
  • You want to feel more positive

“Moon Goddess gave me the tools and the permission to accept my body as it is and to value and treasure and take care of my womanhood. I began with the goal of finding calm but as the course progressed I realized I wanted to understand and be in my body more and that this was on my path to finding calm.”

– Michelle Stimac

Plus 4 Cycle-Harmonizing Audio Meditations to Listen to at Home

Follow these guided visualizations during each week of your cycle to play with your four goddess energies

  • In week 1: Retreat into the peaceful energy of the Wise Woman at menstruation
  • In week 2: Get a boost of positive energy from the Go-getter after your period
  • In week 3: Merge with the loving energy of the Nurturer mid-cycle
  • In week 4: Surrender into the magical energy of the Enchantress at pre-menstruation

By listening to the audio that matches where you are in your own cycle each week, you will:

  • Reduce cramps and pain during your period
  • Maximize your energy in the first half of your cycle
  • Ease mood swings and other symptoms of PMS
  • Relax and restore your energy for a fresh new start every month
Moon Goddess is a yoga & meditation practice like no other. As you embrace and learn to flow with the strengths of each phase of your cycle, your glow will be gorgeous and undeniable.

“It’s such an amazing feeling to know something so important and beautiful about a part of us that lasts from puberty till menopause. Turning it into a gift to draw energies and creativity from rather than a plight to ‘suffer’ through every month is such a beautiful and meaningful way to understand our periods. I have so many women friends who have such diverse and often trying menstrual cycles. I would like to tell them all about the Moon Goddess teachings, how to positively channel and revel in their cycles rather than ‘suffering through’ them.”


Not only do you get over 5 weeks of meditation and yoga, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

Bonus #1

A beautifully illustrated e-book for Video 2, which is the Moon Goddess yoga flow part of the practice in written form.


For the days you don’t have the video with you, or you want to do your own self-directed practice for just 20 minutes.

{ Value $77 }

Bonus #2

A 30-min audio workshop and an illustrated handout for Moon Charting.


Learn how to chart your own cycle in relationship with the moon phases and discover your 4 goddess energies that manifest through the 4 phases of your cycle.

{ Value $107 }

Bonus #3

Meditation on Timelessness…


To calm your stressed out mind, meditate on timelessness and dip into the sacredness of the present moment where there is only is-ness.

{ Value $27 }

Bonus #4

All 4 goddess energies in one powerful meditation.


Connect with your beautiful, feminine vastness by embracing all four goddess energies!

{ Value $37 }

Bonus #5

5 stay-on-track emails to make it really easy for you to follow the Moon Goddess program, and so you don’t get confused or lose motivation


You’ll receive an email each week from me letting you know what part of the program to start with, and what step to take each day, week-by-week for 5 weeks. With my email support as a guide, you’ll never feel lost or alone.

{ Value $127 }

Bonus #6

Two live 1-hour group Q&A Calls with Zahra!


Speak with me directly to get your specific questions answered and support other women in the program! You don’t have to do any of this alone. Our Q&A Calls are scheduled for:

Q&A Call 1: Wednesday April 6 8pm EST/5pm PST/1am GMT Q&A Call 2: Wednesday April 13 4pm EST/1pm PST/ 9pm GMT

{ Value $297 }

Bonus #7

Private Facebook Community for participants to interact & support each other


Our private Facebook community is a place to connect with other women to share and support each other throughout this process. This sense of community is a powerful emotional support system – a safe place to share frustrations, wins, and everything in between.

{ Value $197 }

Bonus #8

Zahra’s FULL Sensual Magic Course


This 6-Module program is the signature program I use to teach women how to to harness your sensual feminine energy with skill and confidence.

Session #1: The Magic of Being a Woman Learn how to tap into your four goddess energies that manifest throughout your cycle


Session #2: Let go of Masculine, Controlling Energy + PLAY! Build intimacy + closeness instead of letting your moods tear you apart. You’ll discover how to spice up fun and play with your partner


Session #3: Rekindle Passion + Intimacy Learn how your sex drive and heart are connected and use that connection to build intimacy with your partner. (With the KEY to experiencing sacred love-making)


Session #4: Connecting Even When You’re Feeling Vulnerable + Emotional I’ll walk you through how to channel the energy of PMS to create compassion + closeness instead of reactive, resentful and angry moments


Session #5: Prevent Painful Periods + Awaken Your Intuition This module is all about releasing guilt + judgement for taking time out to be still and allow yourself to be comforted and cared for


Session #6: Bonus Q&A Call Recordings from Past Participants You’ll receive 75-minutes of answers to questions on course material and guidance on how to apply the Sensual Magic energies to your relationship and in your life

{ Value $197 }

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“Wow! Thank you – so much magic, enchantment, empowerment and gratitude. Without a doubt this is a most needed program. I always love learning more about the Goddess, me, kundalini, the moon’s cycle, and other (especially ancient) practices that acknowledge the powers and magic of being a woman. Zahra you do all of these things!  Thank you so much!”

Suzanne Roberts Smith

Commitment to Making You Happy

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the Moon Goddess program – whether you purchased and realized it wasn’t for you, or you’ve given it a go and it isn’t working for you as you’d hoped – let us know. You will receive a 100% refund. This is my commitment to you and to your happiness and divine feminine wellness.

If you are not completely thrilled with the Moon Goddess program, our only request before granting your full refund is that you share this feedback and send your refund request within 10 days of your purchase.

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re-balancing hormones and harmonizing health after stopping The Pill or other birth control (or you’re preparing to stop medically-managed fertility)


feeling tired or passionless, anxious, depressed, or out of sync with yourself


struggling with PMS, irregular, painful, or missing periods, low libido, PCOS, fibroids, or endometriosis


wanting to understand and heighten your connection to the moon


wanting to make peace with your body

“Hi Zahra, I wanted to let you know how your Moon Goddess course has affected me – physically – my periods are now aligned with the moon and they have NEVER been like that (not even regular). It must have been the strong intention of your Moon Goddess class that has had this affect on me. It’s quite a mystery really, and this is my only explanation.”

– Jennifer Halpern

So what about me: how did I get here?

From girlhood I accepted that it was normal for me to be emotionally unbalanced. I understood that there were times of the month when I was a little crazy, a little bitchy. I was female, and therefore I was irrational and unpredictable: it came with the territory. After years of painful periods and crazy mood swings, I stumbled onto Miranda Gray’s work and Christiane Northrup’s books. They both explained the rhythm of women’s hormones and the ways women are directly connected to the moon phases and the seasons. I was blown away. It turned out I wasn’t psycho. I was cyclical. Acquiring that deeper understanding of my body, my hormones, and my cycle changed everything about my relationship with myself. And as soon as I started working with my cycles from this expanded perspective, my periods got shorter, lighter and less painful, and I stopped suffering from PMS madness. That was the beginning of the work I do through Yoga Goddess, and it’s the foundation for the principles of Moon Goddess.

Embracing my cycle and working in harmony with my hormones has given me so much healing and perspective on my life and my femininity. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to share this wisdom with the women of the world, heal our relationship with the female body, and reconnect with the Divine Feminine in the process.

“Moon Goddess helped me connect with my inner self and explore how I connect to the world around me. I’m excited to chart my moon cycle and optimize my life!”

Abra Snider

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any in-person classes I’ll need to take? What about live calls I’ll have to show up for at a specific time?

Nope! Everything is done at your own pace, in the serenity and ease of your own home. You will benefit from our two live Q&A calls with Zahra, but these are bonuses and not required to fully participate in the program. The Q&A calls are Monday April 4: 8pm EST/5pm PST/1am GMT and Wednesday April 13: 4pm EST/1pm PST/ 9pm GMT.

How many hours a week should I plan to set aside for Moon Goddess?

To balance your hormones gently, all you need is 15 minutes per day for your Moon Goddess practice. Then once per week you can set aside 90 minutes to luxuriate in the full practice. Or, if you want accelerated results, you can do the full 90-minute practice 3 times per week and dedicate 25 minutes per day to your daily practice. At the minimum you’re looking at 15min/ day + 90min 1x/week At the maximum 25 min/ day + 90min 3x/week

What happens if I fall behind in the weekly schedule?

Nothing! While you’ll get the most out of the program if you maintain a consistent practice, sometimes life happens, and it’s not a problem to play catch-up a little.

Is there a specific start date for the program?

No. We offer rolling registrations meaning, you can start the program at any time. You’ll get more out of our bonus Q&A calls if you start using the program beforehand, so that you can address any questions to Zahra directly!

If I don’t get my period, how do I use this program?

For menopausal women, I suggest you follow the phases of the moon, but if you have amenorrhea you can actually use this program to help you get your periods back.

Can the videos be downloaded to my phone, tablet or computer?

Yes, after the 10-day refund period is over, your member area will be updated with all of the download links.

Can I learn about all this somewhere else?

You can use all of the information that’s available online (for free) and try to figure it out yourself. There’s a ton of hormone-related info out there. But the truth is, that information has been there for years, and somehow you landed on this page. That’s because it’s really difficult to apply things you read without support (like that diet or that exercise tip!). With Moon Goddess, you’ll learn a completely new way of relating to your body, your hormones, and your emotions. You have visuals, videos, check-in emails, and calls with me to make sure you stay in action and don’t get stuck. It’s the way I know I can guarantee the results. You can hire a private coach. Working with a coach privately is a great way to get personalized support. And… Average $150 – $300/hour for at least 3 months = $1,350 – $2,700

Everything I walk my private clients through is laid out in this program in the exact same steps. The accountability through email as well as the opportunity to speak with me during Q&A means you have customized support at a portion of the cost. And instead of coaching coming to an end, you have the videos, content, and Q&A call recordings for life.

So if you’ve read this far your intuition is clearly saying you’re ready. I got you. Let’s do this!

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“If I had known how amazing Moon Goddess was going to be, I wouldn’t have sat on the fence, but signed up a month ago!”


My intention was to give myself an opportunity and some tools to end destructive behaviours.  The message I keep getting is to go gently, to respond to what is, keep breathing and not struggle. To tune in gently, without destination. Now when I am pushing, I ask if I can change my approach to the activity I am doing.”


“Moon Goddess surprised me. I was introduced to the power I hold as a human being that can create another human being and grow it inside of me. Since I’m not at this stage in my life, I’ve never realized the power I hold as a female. I would tell all the women in the world they must be aware of their feminine power, beauty, strength, intelligence, wisdom. This is what Moon Goddess will guide you through: getting to know and understanding who you are as a woman.”

Moon Goddess Client

“Moon Goddess allowed me to express myself deeply and to accept me for all of me.  It gave me the safe space to transform to release and let go. Thank you SO much!!!”

Charity Chan

“My intention at the beginning of Moon Goddess was to create a beautiful, sensual energy and an understanding of my reproductive possibilities.  I am now able to say:  I am a beautiful and sensual being who understands my reproductive abilities.  The class has been enlightening and educational as well as very supportive.”

Antoinette Finelli

“Moon Goddess helped me to understand and appreciate myself and my cycle, which means so much to me. This is the first time I’ve had a positive outlook on my cycles.”

Meghan Pearce

“My original intention was to explore and expand my understanding of my sensual self. It’s now refined to expressing my sensual self. Moon Goddess gave me an opportunity to express my frustrations, laugh about my foibles and reflect with other women about our cycles.”

Jane Martin

“Moon Goddess has helped me further step into my awakening. I’ve learned a lot about who I am as an Enchantress and I now know that she’s not my enemy to be feared. The Enchantress will guide me and is part of me. I hope to learn more about her and now look forward to spending more time with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wisdom, Zahra.”

Therese Estacion

“My hips feel looser, I feel calmer, and I love your philosophy – keep teaching.”

Moon Goddess Client

“My goal was to get out of this slump I’ve been in and to not be taken advantage of by others. I would say I’m more aware in a different way about these two challenges of mine. I’m more forgiving and accepting of myself and others. I’m not completely out of my slump but I am definitely feeling more energetic and motivated to start each day. If I can allow myself to simply radiate I think I can attract lightness, not darkness. Givers, not takers. My favourite part of this class was learning about the four different phases of the lunar cycle as it relates to the menstrual cycle. Learning how to make the most of it was both comforting and empowering.”

Genevieve Acuna

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