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“This program was the biggest and most precious gift to myself, because before it got me to pregnancy it returned me to myself and revealed a happier, more whole version of me to my partner.”

~ Sadia, mom to beautiful Soraya

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“I’m sure the reason I conceived naturally after 4 years of struggle, 50K of treatments, and two miscarriages was because your program changed my mindset about my body and my fertility.” ~ Lisa, mom to precious Samuel

“When I found out about Moon Goddess, we had already spent so much money on medicines and treatments that I did not want to put my family further into debt. In the end, though, some things are priceless, and this was certainly one of them. ~ Tanya, mom to Letti & baby on the way

“My biggest concern before signing up for Moon Goddess was,  “Is this going to work? because nothing else had. I tried  everything: acupuncture, Chinese medicine, IUI. For anyone in that same place now, I would say – There’s nothing to lose, you’re already halfway there and you’ve tried everything else. Plus it’s more affordable than fertility treatments and you’re not putting drugs into your body. It’s all natural and very healing as well.” ~ Lauri, mom to sweet Zachary