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Hello Goddess! I’m Zahra, your fertility yoga teacher, healer and coach. I can’t wait to guide you through my lifetime access program to heal your heart and womb and open yourself to the miracle of pregnancy.

Let me help you increase your probability of pregnancy success by over 55%


INSTEAD OF WASTING HOURS, searching mindlessly for answers–and hope–online, or spending your days heading to ONE FERTILITY “EXPERT” AFTER ANOTHER, wouldn’t you rather spend 30 minutes each day, quietly connecting, healing, and preparing your body to conceive? IT CAN BE THAT SIMPLE, and that painless.

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

Pregnancy obsession has taken over my life. It runs everything: the food I eat, the vitamins I take, the websites I spend my time on, the sex I do and do not have, the questions in my head.

That’s why I avoid Facebook. It’s emotionally draining for me to see everyone around me getting pregnant so easily.

And it’s hard to erase what the doctor said – I’m too old.

I’m wracked with regret over what I didn’t know. If only I had tested my hormones earlier. Been less focused on my career. Eaten better in my twenties. Not taken the pill for all those years. Realized I needed to start trying earlier.

I feel like I’m not progressing in my life. And everyone else is moving forward without me.

I don’t feel like myself anymore.

My partner and I are completely tapped out financially. We haven’t taken a vacation in years because every last financial resource is going to growing our family.

I feel disconnected from my body. I don’t trust it to work properly.

I don’t want to be jealous but it’s hard not to feel like…Why is every other woman getting what I want? Why not me? The jealousy can lead to anger and resentment–sometimes even hatred.

BREATHE. It’s going to be OK.


I get it. You’ve tried PROGRAM AFTER PROGRAM, you’ve tried acupuncture, herbs, changing your diet, reaching out for professional support. But TIME KEEPS TICKING and there’s no baby.

And you’re right to focus on the physical aspects of fertility – but THERE’S A MISSING PIECE you can’t quite put your finger on.

Because no matter how much you do, you’re still sad, scared, panicked… and tired!

Let me heal your body, starting with your heart.

I created Moon Goddess with the #1 intention of healing your whole self: mind, body and soul.

BECAUSE IT ALL BEGINS WITH the heart-womb connection.

After working with hundreds of women, what I see over and over again is women who are DOING all the right things, but there’s a disconnect between their outward actions and what they feel and believe. Their minds and hearts are essentially working against their bodies.

Heal hormonal health challenges like PMS, painful or missing periods, flagging libido, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and any other condition where the pituitary is having trouble communicating with your ovaries.
Transcend the anxiety, depression and stress that come from being out of balance with your hormones.
Learn to flow with instead of against the weekly changes in your hormones so that you can tune into your menstrual cycle’s profound gifts of insight and self-knowledge, creativity and healing, emotional and mental capacity.
Find out how beautifully your menstrual cycle mirrors the phases of the moon.

“I felt deep in me that I was missing something spiritual. Something deep in my belly told me my mind is not connecting with my body. And I could do all the best things—exercise, take all the supplements—but my mind is not believing it. When I ask: “How am I going to get pregnant?” I keep hearing this voice going you need to dig deeper. There’s something else and you need to dig deeper”

– Angela A., NY, USA

Claim your $167 off Moon Goddess

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That’s what we’re going to address.

A mind-body program that integrates yoga, meditation, visualization, breathwork and cognitive restructuring has been clinically proven to improve pregnancy success rates from 20% with no intervention to 55% with a mind-body program.

With my clients I see a pregnancy success rate of over 55%! And here’s why:

Anxiety impacts egg production and quality.
Women with depressive symptoms are half as likely to conceive versus women who are not depressed.
Moon Goddess

By integrating the Moon Goddess yoga postures, meditation, breathing, visualizations, and intention-setting with the physical aspects of your fertility care, you can:

Lower your stress hormones, like cortisol, in the very first session.
Improve egg quality by increasing DHEAS levels by 48.5% without side effects of supplementation (after 12 weeks of daily practice).
Reverse the effects of premature ovarian failure and advanced maternal age even after 40.
Increase your chances of a successful IVF by 35%.

You will be guided step-by-step through Moon Goddess to:

Erase negative thinking and restore faith in your body’s ability to conceive.
Calm your stressed-out mind and relax your body into the miracle of conception.
Feel in partnership with your cycle instead of against it.
Reduce the physiological impacts of stress to increase your chances of pregnancy.


I’m here to tell you:

You’re not too old. It’s not too late. Yes it is possible. You can get pregnant, even in your 40’s.

Nowhere else is there a fertility yoga practice designed to de-stress your mind and body in sync with your menstrual cycle.

“Dear Zahra – I’ve been meaning to write to say thank you again for your Moon Goddess program and wisdom. After 20 hours of labour, I delivered a beautiful, perfect baby boy on Christmas Day. We couldn’t be happier. I fully credit your program with changing my mindset about my body and my fertility, which I’m sure is the reason I conceived naturally after 4 years of struggle, 50K of treatments, and two miscarriages.  I started Moon Goddess in January and by my third cycle in April, I conceived. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to trust in my body, heal my heart, and be open to conceive.” – Lisa, Kingston, Canada (mom of Samuel)

And this is just the beginning. Because with Moon Goddess, we’re also going to:

Strengthen your reproductive organs to boost your fertility.
Restore healthy hormonal balance using the power of a Kundalini yoga and meditation practice tailored specifically to healing women’s reproductive challenges.
Stimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian connection, which is how your brain talks to your ovaries and uterus to release the right hormones for ovulation and menstruation.

So here’s what I want you to hear:

It’s not too late.


There is plenty of time.


Ignore the statistics.


We’re going to take care of this.

Here’s how:

In Moon Goddess Video 1

Set your intention for healthy conception and pregnancy

I will help you:

  • Breathe deeply and relax into the moment
  • Clearly name your heart’s desire to become a mother
  • Chant the Adi Mantra to open your heart and womb for a healthy conception and pregnancy

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You need help believing pregnancy is possible for you
  • You want to create a more loving connection with your body
  • You want to feel more centered and peaceful
“When we last spoke I was about to start on IVF.  Although it is very very early days I’m happy to report that I did get pregnant on that first cycle! Having the Moon Goddess program in those early days really helped me to stay grounded. As a fertility yoga program, Moon Goddess was fantastic in getting me to a place of trust and groundedness. When I am doing the yoga I feel like I am helping my mind and body at the same time. Ragini, Melbourne, Australia

In Moon Goddess Video 2

Follow a Gentle and Easy Flow of my Signature Moon Goddess Yoga Poses

I will instruct you step-by-step:

  • Though my Moon Goddess signature yoga flow – a series of 11 gentle and easy poses to support your reproductive organs
  • To draw healing energy and blood flow into your hips, pelvis, uterus and ovaries
  • To soothe your ovaries to encourage ovulation of eggs ready for conception

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You want to thicken your uterine lining
  • You want to improve your chances of conception and implantation
“Guess what??? I’m expecting a BABY! I am so excited. Thanks so much. After doing the program for one month, I had normal cycles again! No more weird 14 day cycles. I felt like I had found the support, encouragement, exercise, information and positive point of view that I needed. Give this program a try! Your body and mind can come together as you realize your dream of being a mother. Don’t let the public and the medical doctors scare you.” – Elizabeth, Colorado, USA

In Moon Goddess Video 3

Regulate your Hormones with Kundalini Yoga

I will instruct you step-by-step through:

  • A Kundalini yoga sequence to gently stimulate the pituitary gland (which regulates your fertility hormones FSH, LH, estrogen & progesterone)
  • Kundalini yoga for the pituitary gland that can heal the underlying condition that creates infertility

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You need to lower FSH and raise AMH
  • You want to improve egg quality
  • You want to improve your follicle response to stimulation before IVF
  • You want to heal any cycle irregularity
“Before Moon Goddess I would have been the kind of person who let the anxiety take over. I struggled to believe I would ever be pregnant. Using the fertility yoga & meditation practice was a lifesaver. Finally something was in my control! It released my anxiety and kept me focused on the end goal. I was shocked at how calm I was throughout my fertility treatments.” – Lindsey, Saskatoon, Canada (mom of Wyatt)

In Moon Goddess Video 4

Meditate to Erase Negative Thinking and Optimize Ovulation and Menstruation

I will show you how to:

  • Relax and take in the healing effects of your fertility yoga practice
  • Meditate using an ancient breath meditation to optimize your fertility hormones and erase negative thinking

This video will be especially helpful if:

  • You need to relax your stressed-out mind
  • You want to improve your cycle length and regularity
  • You need to balance your emotions
  • You want to feel more positive

“Just a quick note to say thank you again – I am pregnant, first cycle trying again after the break starting in February when we began our sessions. Thank you for helping me believe in myself again. I think that taking a break and focusing my energy on a positive angle via the meditation and intention was probably the most important for me. Seeing my body respond (no more spotting, my cycle lengthened AND it aligned with the moon – it totally did that!) reinforced that this was the right approach for me.” – Andrea, Toronto, Canada (mom of Emmet)

Plus 4 Cycle-Harmonizing Audio Meditations to Listen to at Home

Follow these guided visualizations during each week of your cycle to connect with your four goddess energies

  • In week 1: Retreat into the peaceful energy of the Wise Woman at menstruation
  • In week 2: Connect with the positive energy of the Go-getter to prepare for ovulation
  • In week 3: Merge with the loving energy of the Nurturer to optimize ovulation
  • In week 4: Embody the sensual energy of the Enchantress and let go at pre-menstruation

By listening to the audio that matches where you are in your own cycle each week you will:

  • Reduce the stress of “will I conceive?” during ovulation
  • Purge negative thinking during the 2-week wait
  • Slow down, relax and forgive during menstruation
  • Start fresh and positive with each new cycle
Moon Goddess is a yoga & meditation practice like no other. As you embrace and learn to flow with the strengths of each phase of your cycle, your glow will be gorgeous and undeniable.
“When I discovered Moon Goddess, I was burnt out doing the meds and the cycle monitoring and then rushing to work trying to be ‘okay’ for my job. I was wrapped up in what my doctor kept telling me: that my uterus was toxic. I deeply knew real healing was what I needed. I did not think that I could afford your program, but when I checked in with myself it seemed like a better option than another round of meds at the clinic. You helped me replace the worry that was in my uterus with gratitude and understanding of my cycle. I loved the visualizations and the yoga. And I see your program as not only preparing me for fertility and conception—you also helped prepare me for being pregnant.” – Tamara, Perth, Australia (mom of Ashley-Margaret)

Not only do you get lifetime access to a proven fertility practice, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

Bonus #1

A beautifully illustrated e-book, which is the Moon Goddess yoga flow part of the practice in written form.


For the days you don’t have the video with you, or you want to do your own self-directed practice for just 20 minutes.

{ Value $57 }

Bonus #2

A 30-min audio workshop and an illustrated handout for Moon Charting.

whiteSquiggles_200w Learn how to chart your own cycle in relationship with the moon phases and discover your 4 goddess energies that manifest through the 4 phases of your cycle.

{ Value $67 }

Bonus #3

Meditation on Timelessness…


If feel like you’re getting too old or you waited too long to conceive, meditate on timelessness and trust your timing is perfectly divine.

{ Value $27 }

Bonus #4

Meditation to call forth conception.


Use this meditation to embrace all four goddess energies especially for conception!

{ Value $37 }

Bonus #5

5 stay-on-track emails to make it really easy for you to follow the Moon Goddess program, and so you don’t get confused or lose motivation


You’ll receive an email each week from me letting you know what part of the program to start with, and what step to take each day, week-by-week for 5 weeks. With my email support as a guide, you’ll never feel lost or alone.

{ Value $97 }

Bonus #6

Two 1-hour pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Zahra & Moon Goddess clients!


Though your situation is unique, there are a lot of similarities and common threads between all women with the desire to conceive. These bonus calls are packed with questions from previous Moon Goddess clients about the course and maximizing your results. If you have a question, it is likely answered on these calls!

{ Value $97 }

Bonus #7

Private Facebook Community for participants to interact & support each other.


Our private Facebook community is a place to connect with other women to share and support each other throughout this process. This sense of community can be such an emotional support system – a safe place to share frustrations, wins, and everything in between.

{ Value $247 }

Bonus #8

Zahra’s FULL Sensual Magic Course


This 6-Module program is the signature program I use to teach women how to to harness your sensual feminine energy with skill and confidence.

Session #1: The Magic of Being a Woman Learn how to tap into your four goddess energies that manifest throughout your cycle


Session #2: Let go of Masculine, Controlling Energy + PLAY! Build intimacy + closeness instead of letting your moods tear you apart. You’ll discover how to spice up fun and play with your partner.


Session #3: Rekindle Passion + Intimacy Learn how your sex drive and heart are connected and use that connection to build intimacy with your partner (with the KEY to experiencing sacred love-making).


Session #4: Connecting Even When You’re Feeling Vulnerable + Emotional I’ll walk you through how to channel the energy of PMS to create compassion + closeness instead of reactive, resentful and angry moments.


Session #5: Prevent Painful Periods + Awaken Your Intuition This module is all about releasing guilt + judgement for taking time out to be still and allow yourself to be comforted and cared for.


Session #6: Bonus Q&A Call Recordings from Past Participants You’ll receive 75 minutes of answers to questions on course material and guidance on how to apply the Sensual Magic energies to your relationship and in your life.

{ Value $297 }

Claim your $167 off Moon Goddess

Enroll in Moon Goddess Today!

$767 $600 Pay in Full (save $167)

4 Payments of $217 $167

“I am in my third week of the Moon Goddess program, and I have seen tremendous growth in myself in terms of managing my stress in a healthier way as well as being a more loving partner to my husband. I have loved the meditations and yoga sessions, and all of Zahra’s messages seem to resonate with me. I just can’t imagine another person to work with!

- Ashley, 31, Washington, DC, USA

"I had a big temp drop this morning and got my period!! Amazing! I haven't had a proper period since September last year! Thank you for helping me heal and feel like I'm unbroken. Never have I felt so elated to have a period! Moon Goddess is really changing my life and putting me on a new path of empowerment and self-healing. I feel things I've never felt before. It's enlightening."

- Sara, 32, Canberra, Australia

“I have been meaning to write to let you know my good news... I am 8 weeks pregnant!! Naturally - they put 'spontaneous' in the file. I made several changes this summer, one being that I was much more regular in doing the Moon Goddess yoga program and had much more come around to the fact that if God wanted this to happen it would likely be naturally and on His time. I want to thank you so much for all your care, support and encouragement.”

- Diana, 42, Toronto, Canada

“I was tired of fighting and doing all the things I felt I had to do every day… saying my 10 blessings, praying, being grateful, doing yoga, eating properly. This program felt right and I was more able to relax and somehow I think that was what made the difference. I am now 3 months pregnant and am expected to deliver around 17th of February. We succeeded with our 2nd IVF attempt in May.”

- Lia 40, Denmark

“Before working with Zahra, I had a lot of stress and anxiety around ovulation and my period, and a sense of hopelessness and pessimism towards life. I now feel much healthier, especially through the physical practice where I have improved my flexibility. I’m sleeping normally and deeply. This work brought me peace of mind, a greater connection with myself and my body, and a greater sense of wellness.”

Preethi, 30, Bangalore, India

“I started Moon Goddess to get rid of my cysts so I could be fertile and eventually have children. Success! I really feel that Moon Goddess helped me to move into this new phase of my life. Because now I’m pregnant!

- Karima, 25, Toronto, Canada