Here’s a life-changing question for women who are intrigued by their menstrual cycle’s connection with the moon…

If there was a simple, step-by-step method for accurately predicting how the moon and your menstrual cycle are influencing your moods, sex drive, energy levels and fertility every single day — without the confusion, Google overwhelm, or perplexing “now what do I do?” syndrome…

Would you finally feel ready to make your menstrual-moon connection your own personal map for living a life that works?

Dear Goddess,

There is a mysterious and magical connection between the changes of the female body and the phases of the moon.

You already know there’s more to your body than just the physical.

You’re already noticing that you often get your period on the full moon or the new moon — or that it jumps around in a pattern you can’t make sense of.

But you still might not understand what that synchronicity with the moon means, or recognize exactly what changes are happening in your body from week to week… maybe because you’re suppressing them, or maybe because you’re just unaware that they occur.

I want you to know and understand how you feel in your body, mind and spirit throughout the month so this insight can help you thrive as a woman.

So What Does This Mean for YOU?

It means…


… you can finally take the guesswork out of your moods, energy level, feelings and needs, and you’ll know exactly how to plan your to-do’s during the phase of your cycle where your goddess energy is strongest… even if your cycle is irregular… and even if you don’t have a cycle at all.


… that instead of depleting yourself because you have no idea how you’ll feel from week to week, you can optimize your times of rest and productivity by flowing with the energy of your cycle.

The result?

The healing and balance you SHOULD be feeling as a tuned-in, conscious woman, plus the well-being, self-love and acceptance that come from living in harmony with your hormones.

Here’s the Good News…

If you know how to make sense of the ways your hormones shift, all that haywire seesawing will suddenly fit into an “Ah! THAT makes sense!” framework.

By tracking your menstrual phase you’ll discover:

  • You need more sleep and more alone time
  • Which foods you’re craving
  • Your intuitive dreams and guidance
  • How you can accept and let go
  • Your connection to the Earth and Universal oneness

By tracking your pre-ovulation phase you’ll discover:

  • You need less sleep
  • You feel frisky with your partner
  • You’re more enthusiastic, with greater physical energy
  • You’re motivated to plan and check off your to-do’s
  • You want to be social and go out more

By tracking your ovulation phase you’ll discover:

  • You feel more loving and caring
  • You want to connect with people
  • You’re able to listen to others’ feelings & needs
  • You’re gentler in your emotions and expression
  • You’re more patient & accepting

By tracking your pre-menstrual phase you’ll discover:

  • You’re more tired and need to sleep earlier
  • You’re less social and want to be alone
  • You’re frustrated by too many demands on your time
  • You want to clean and purge
  • Your dreams give you spiritual guidance

“Since working with Moon Charting Mastery, I am more understanding and loving toward myself since I am more in tune with how my body is at different times. It helps me to understand when I’m best equipped to try new things or meet new people. I have a new appreciation for timing!”

Emily, Pennsylvania, USA

Let me Show You How

We’ll start with my…

30-minute Master Class

This is where you’ll take the mystery out of charting your menstrual cycle with the moon:

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed is that your hormones jump around in a pattern you can’t make sense of and are not rooted in a framework of understanding or predictability where you can respond (and plan) with skill and confidence.

By the time you’re finished with the 30-minute Master Class, you’ll have decoded the most powerful map to your moods, emotions, sex drive, energy levels and fertility.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:


How to track your cycle with the moon: I’ll show you how to identify where in the moon’s cycle your personal menstrual cycle begins, plus how to track the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes you notice so you can start to identify their patterns with the moon.


Embodying your 4 goddess energies: I’ll give you a clear framework for understanding and harnessing the gifts of the goddess archetypes that manifest in each phase of your cycle: The Wise Woman, The Maiden, The Mother and The Enchantress.


Applying this in your life: I’ll teach you how to use your cycle to improve your sex life, work performance, and connection with your partner and to enhance your spirituality, self-care and health — especially your fertility health.


Embracing your Red Moon or White Moon cycle: I’ll share the differences between a Red Moon cycle (bleeding with the full moon) and a White Moon cycle (ovulating with the full moon) and why it matters… so that once you understand what kind of cycler you are, you can start making choices that fit with that life path.

Then you’ll be ready to start using your…

4 Cycle Tracking Tables

In these brand new tracking tables, you’ll find:


For each phase of your cycle, you’ll track your:

  • libido/sexuality
  • mood + emotions
  • physical being
  • mental state
  • spirituality
  • and (as a special bonus for some phases) creativity

Easy-to-follow prompts…

Based on where you are in your cycle you might feel things like:

  • Strong need for sexual release
  • Deep desire to connect emotionally
  • Tiredness & decreasing levels of physical energy
  • Foggy and slow mentally
  • And if I missed something, there’s space in each category for you to write in your own symptoms or experience too

Space to draw in your own symbol
of the moon phase…

…. so you can see where the moon is in the sky in relationship with your cycle.

Customization for your cycle…

No matter how long or short your cycle is, I give you space to write your cycle day in yourself, so if your cycle runs longer or shorter than a “typical” 28 or 29 days, you’re not crossing out numbers and rewriting the form.

My journey with Zahra connected me with my own deep longing to conceive. Through her teachings, practices and supportive way of being, I began to open up to my own healing journey. A journey that I only now realize is to conceive my Authentic Self. Giving birth to the Divinity in me. I would say that I was successful in “conceiving” and Zahra was a Loving, Accepting and Compassionate teacher of mine in the process.”

Billie, Toronto, Canada

And then we have a special treat for you…

Never be thrown off balance by your hormones again!

4 Audio Lessons: Let’s Talk About Your Cycle

Most women don’t realize that their energy shifts from week to week, and it’s because of their hormones.

Each 5-minute audio lesson gives you a deeper understanding of the hormonal changes taking place in your body PLUS how to use your goddess energies to cope with symptoms and feel more in control over your moods, energy, libido, fertility and more.

1. Let’s Talk About PMS & Your Enchantress Energy
2. Let’s Talk About Periods & Your Wise Woman Energy
3. Let’s Talk About Estrogen & Your Maiden Energy
4. Let’s Talk About Fertility & Your Mother Energy

Listen to your “Let’s Talk About…” audio lesson before you meditate with the goddess energy connected to that phase of your cycle. Then get ready for a gorgeous goddess glow!

Plus, I’m throwing in my complete series of Moon Meditations (value $27) at no additional cost.

Moon Meditations

This special series of meditations for each phase of the menstrual-moon cycle will help you connect the moon with your own cycle….


The New Moon meditation will help you:

  • Connect with your Wise Woman self
  • Facilitate introspection
  • Trust any spiritual insights you receive during this time
  • Feel safe when moving through the emotional release that will help you in your next phase
  • Understand how you can make rest a priority – finding the time for prayer, meditation, or daydreaming

The Crescent Moon Meditation will help you:

  • Connect to your Maiden Self
  • Tap into your enthusiasm and help you to focus on executing your goals
  • Clear out old beliefs that aren’t serving you so you can take your best step forward
  • Tackle your organization and to-do list – and have FUN doing it
  • Give yourself permission to go after something you’ve always wanted to try

The Full Moon Meditation Will Help You:

  • Connect with the energy of the Mother who is ripe with fertility for babies OR new ideas
  • Identify what YOU need during this time to really nurture yourself and feel fulfilled
  • Know how to reach out in those relationships where you desire more connection
  • Discover what activities best fuel connection for you – planning a date night, hosting a dinner party, or simply reaching out and expressing love

The Waning Moon Meditation will help you:

  • Connect with your Enchantress self
  • Feel more stable and calm during what can often feel like an ungrounding time of your cycle
  • Understand how to use intense emotions as indicators for what you need in your life
  • Focus on what is truly important to you – giving yourself permission to put your needs first to better serve others

Zahra thank you for being an angel to those of us seeking to birth our motherhood in a more conscious way. I know what I have learnt from you will serve me both in this journey towards motherhood and beyond.”

Ragini, Melbourne, Australia

Take 28 Days (or 1 Cycle) to Change Your Relationship with Yourself:

Body. Mind. Spirit.

The best part about Moon Charting Mastery is that you don’t have to wait months or years before seeing a change.


Feeling like you just might plunge your office scissors into the next co-worker who speaks to you? Take 8 minutes on your lunch with the Enchantress Meditation to give yourself the quiet grounding your pre-menstrual self is begging for.


Constantly find yourself hosting a birthday party or headed out for a girls’ night when all you want is to curl up alone with take-out and a rom com? After just 4 weeks of using your Tracking Tables you’ll know which days of your cycle you can confidently schedule social outings and which are better for a date with your couch.


Sex life (not to mention relationship with your partner) rocky because your desire for sex seems to yo-yo mystifyingly from “up for anything!” to “please please please leave me alone”? Watch the Moon Charting Master Class to learn how the goddess energies affect what you want from sex in each phase of your cycle, with concrete instructions on how to use your cycle to make your sex life so much better.


And on and on — because your cycle affects everything! As long as you’re a self-aware woman with a body, emotions, relationships, work, goals, maybe a spiritual practice, you’ll have dozens of opportunities over the next 28 days to improve your life with Moon Charting Mastery.

Are you ready to finally feel empowered by your cycle?

Get your Moon Charting Package Now


Thank you Miranda!

A special thank you to Miranda Gray, who first inspired me with her teachings from The Red Moon and continues to be a beloved mentor. Without the knowledge I gained from her, this program couldn’t exist.

I am actually not trying to conceive (yet — most likely, this will be the point in about a year), but I want to explore the more spiritual side of my feminine nature. Additionally, I always felt the moon phases in my mood quite strongly (especially full moon) and want to track more decently how the moon phases align with my period. I currently ovulate with the new moon and bleed with the full moon, so I would like to see whether this is a constant phenomenon or whether this gradually changes into the other way round.

Lastly, end of April, I received an abnormal pap smear result, which induced me to get in closer contact with my feminine nature in general.

Pia, Germany