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Why Jasmine said yes to Moon Goddess Mentorship Step ONE:

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Photo: Jessica Leanne Photography

“On a very practical level, I hope the program helps me heal my relationship with my feminine cyclical nature—a nature that I have never been taught to respect and that I have actively tried to deny in my early years of womanhood.

“Yet, there is a deeper reason for why I have chosen to join the Moon Goddess program. I feel a calling deep in my bones to acquire and carry forth a body of knowledge that will help shift the way the women in my life experience their day-to-day cyclical natures. I want to heal the wounds passed down through the generations in my family, both my biological and chosen family, wounds that have as their root a dangerous separation from a recognition of the Divine Feminine.

“The pain that the women around me feel that’s related to a lack of knowledge about their cyclical natures and the lack of awareness of how their cycles relate to the moon and the broader seasons—this is what inspired me to take this next step in my journey.”