Do you feel called to do the healing work of the feminine…and just happen to be the ultimate Client Care Goddess, too? Would you love to learn and work from a Feminine model of leadership and business, plus receive support to grow your own work through a divine feminine mentorship program?

Yoga Goddess is an online company dreamed up and brought to life by yoga teacher and divine feminine wellness coach Zahra Haji. All our offerings are designed to support women in connecting or reconnecting with their bodies—spiritually, emotionally, and physically—and reclaiming their divine feminine essence. 

This year we’re giving one woman complimentary membership in Step ONE of the Moon Goddess Mentorship Program through a work-study exchange. 

About the Moon Goddess Mentorship Program (the study half of the exchange):

The Moon Goddess Mentorship Program is the first mentorship program to give you access to your own embodied connection with the Divine Feminine, no matter how little training, confidence or healing you’ve got.

It’s developed for yoga teachers, energy healers, change makers and anyone committed to their own healing who wants to synergistically combine their unique gifts to create their own special offering in the world.

Through Kundalini yoga, meditation, menstrual-moon cycle charting, and 3 live group coaching calls, you’ll tap into Mata Shakti—the mother energy of creation—to…

  • Channel your own guidance and listen for exactly what the next step in your path is.
  • Synergistically combine your own unique gifts with all those certifications and trainings you’ve accumulated to create your own unique offering in the world.
  • Set forth on a path where your ideal clients synchronistically align with you.
  • Work with rather than against your cycle so you flow with the shifts of energy that come with each phase, recognizing the strengths of the 4 feminine energy archetypes and drawing on their powers.
  • Share this knowledge so the collective female body is healed.

About Yoga Goddess Client Care (the work half of the exchange):

In addition to being mentored through the Moon Goddess Mentorship Program, you will be the Yoga Goddess Customer Support Specialist + Virtual Assistant to support our growing company.

You will be acting as the face of Yoga Goddess with our clients and the public. You’ll reply to email inquiries with grace and professionalism, be a supportive and responsive presence in our Facebook groups, and assist Zahra with admin, research, and systems management. 

In the process you’ll also gain behind-the-scenes understanding of how Yoga Goddess helps women heal their periods and infertility, witness the ins and outs of growing and maintaining an internet-based business, and experience of the role of the Divine Feminine in business today.

What You Get:

  • Lifetime access to the complete Moon Goddess yoga and meditation program (value $997 USD), including:
    • A core kundalini yoga and meditation practice (guided via 4 videos)…that shows you breath-by-breath and pose-by-pose how to tune in and connect with your body, heart and womb so you can channel womb-powered intuition and receive clear guidance on how to confidently step onto your path and claim your birthright as a Healer-Woman.
    • A partnering menstrual-moon charting practice…that harnesses the mysterious and magical connection between the changes of your female body and the phases of the moon. You’ll learn exactly what emotions, hormonal shifts, physical symptoms and sexual urges are at play during pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstruation and menstruation, including some you didn’t even know existed.
    • Four get-to-know-your-goddess-energy visualizations…that guide you to retreat into the peaceful energy of the Wise Woman at menstruation, get a boost of positive energy from the Go-getter after your period, merge with the loving energy of the Nurturer mid-cycle, and surrender into the magical energy of the Enchantress at pre-menstruation. As you learn how to embody your 4 goddess energies, you’ll never again be sorry for your changing moods—instead you’ll feel rich with your full, abundant feminine power. 
    • 3 Monthly Mentorship Group Coaching Calls on the New Moon
    • BONUS #1: My Moon Charting Mastery course complete with tracking tables, menstrual-moon charts, 4 cycle harmonizing meditations and 4 Let’s Talk About audios covering all those topics they didn’t cover in sex-ed
    • BONUS #2: My FULL 6-module Sensual Magic course to harness your sensual feminine energy with skill and confidence and never shy away from your vulnerability again
  • Access to all the Yoga Goddess courses (value well over $1000 USD)
  • Access to the professional development courses we use on our Yoga Goddess team: 
    • Copy School from Copy Hackers (value: $2497 USD) 
    • Instagram with Intention course from Dean Street Society (value: $247 USD)
    • Pinfinite Growth course from Melyssa Griffin (value: $397 USD)
  • In-depth understanding of and experience with the systems we use to run Yoga Goddess. You will learn how we: 
    • Plan and create cyclical and seasonal content
    • Create and send email campaigns and nurture community through automations
    • Create blog posts, create and edit program pages, maintain our website
    • Manage client payments and memberships
    • Host livestreams, manage social media presence and Facebook groups
    • Schedule client calls and manage our calendar

What You Give:

We’re looking for a woman who is dynamic, tech-savvy, reliable, responsive, compassionate, professional, and of course dedicated to helping women thrive in their bodies and their lives. You love helping customers feel seen, understood, and taken care of, and you aren’t fazed by the odd fire springing up in your path.

Here’s what you’ll do in your role as Yoga Goddess Customer Support Specialist + Virtual Assistant:

  • Manage the Yoga Goddess support inbox. Handle inquiries from interested women and offer compassionate support to current clients and students while making them feel well cared for. You'll also handle other requests, including but not limited to questions about our programs, technical issues, cancellation process, questions
  • Coordinate summit and podcast appearances. Communicate with summit organizers and podcast producers to find new interview opportunities and ensure Zahra is prepared with everything she needs.
  • Assist Zahra with her calendar. This includes sometimes helping to schedule interviews and client sales calls.
  • Manage 2 Facebook groups. Act as administrator, foster group engagement, answer questions, respond to membership requests, and provide overall support with tech issues or general questions about the program.
  • Accounting/Payments. Dealing with financial issues like refunds or declined payments.
  • Create canned responses for customer service and streamline other business systems.
  • General tasks and research as they arise.

Structure of the role:

  • You’ll complete the work portion of the work-study from April to August 2020. 
  • In Fall 2020 you’ll join other awakening Healer-Women in Step ONE of the Moon Goddess Mentorship Program (regular enrollment cost: $997). 
  • This is a virtual position for anyone in the eastern, central, mountain or pacific time zone in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South or Central America.
  • You are in charge of your schedule and hours are flexible, but you must be available during normal business hours in Eastern time (9am-6pm) for real-time communication with our team and clients, as well as weekly team meetings on Tuesdays.
  • Hours of work will average 15 hours per week (approximately 3 hours per weekday spread over the day).

BONUS (optional): Launch your own podcast!

If starting a podcast is your dream and you’re passionate about helping women answer the wakeup call of the Divine Feminine, you will get that opportunity in your work-study with Yoga Goddess. 

The Wakeup Call of the Divine Feminine podcast will be your baby…but Yoga Goddess will sponsor the podcast and support you in creating it. 

More about you: 

  • You have a passion for holistic women’s health, yoga, sacred femininity and healthy living.
  • You have a passion for making your own contribution to this world and a vision for how working with Yoga Goddess can help you achieve these goals.
  • You have an excellent grasp of the English language and at least two years of customer service experience. You can handle a wide range of customer situations (refund requests, unhappy customers, etc.). 
  • You know what it’s like to be a dedicated, committed virtual support person and have strong experience working within a virtual team, by communicating well and often with your team members.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment and can roll with shifting priorities.
  • You’re a go-getter with a strong work ethic.
  • You are extremely reliable, have great organizational skills and are always on top of your tasks.
  • You have an understanding, empathetic and patient personality.
  • You have sales skills or are open to some sales training to assist women in purchasing my programs.
  • You understand online technology and are well versed in — or will be quick to learn —  Google Suite (especially Gmail, calendar, docs and sheets), Slack, Zoom, Canva, TimeTrade Scheduling, WordPress, Active Campaign. 

This work-study is NOT for you if:

  • You’re already juggling too many clients or have a full-time job.
  • You feed off drama!
  • You prefer to wait for instruction and clarification instead of being decisive and taking initiative on your own.

How to apply: 

  • Fill out our online application here.
  • Deadline to apply: March 29, 2020.

Work-study duration: 6 months as Customer Support Specialist and Virtual Assistant (April 1 – September 30, 2020) + 3 months as a mentee in the Moon Goddess Mentorship Program Step ONE beginning Fall 2020.

Thank you for your interest—we look forward to welcoming a new goddess to our team!