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Is your period MIA? Peri-menopausal maybe? Or are you already deep into menopause?

Whatever the reason for your period’s disappearing act, you might be wondering:

How does working with the moon and your cycle apply to you?

Over and over women tell me they had no idea of the wisdom available to them through their menstrual cycles, and now that they are no longer cycling, they are grieving what could have made a difference in their lives if only they’d learned it earlier.

With any major transition in our lives, there is potential for feelings of grief, or deep sadness in response to something we’ve lost.

This grief carried into your mature woman phase of life will prevent the natural blossoming of enhanced spiritual and creative gifts that emerge in the space where your menstrual cycle used to be.

The Wise Woman is more connected to Divine Wisdom than ever before in her life—and there are abundant treasures waiting to be uncovered here. If we don’t move through the grief and loss we won’t be able to access her gifts.

How do we heal these aspects of the feminine after generations of misinformation and  disempowerment?

We must open up the conversation to heal from the worry, paranoia, and anxiety that have arisen from the disconnection from our feminine power by attuning to the natural rhythm of the earth and the moon.

Here’s why your menstrual cycle still matters:

Reason #1 You didn’t get the guidance you needed as an adolescent 

If you were not prepared for your period, as an adolescent, the grief of not receiving the  support you needed then can likely resurface now.

This is why your menstrual cycle still matters.

If we are blind-sided by the side effects and new challenges of menopause we are yet again facing a universal feminine right of passage alone.

Many red flags may go unnoticed and therefore you once again experience the unnecessary suffering from a lack of information. Meanwhile the hormonal cocktail inside you is whipping up all sorts of chaos.

You can alchemize this grief by holding space for your feminine body daily so you can claim the power and much deserved respect in society.

The cycle can end now.

We can bring safety and nourishment to your unguided Maiden self through the soul power of the Wise Woman. Her wisdom has been with you throughout your life and now she stands in the centre, pointing you to your heart for healing.

Build your radiant Wise Woman super powers through stillness, meditation and gentle hormone balancing yoga.

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Feminine, cyclical Moon Goddess Yoga is an incredible access point to move through any restlessness and the hormone balancing meditations included in my workbook cultivate the blossoming of your intuitive and deeply spiritual nature.


Reason #2 You still have a period without having a period 

During menopause you continue to experience the anticipation, nervousness, worry and heaviness of your period – but no blood.

Documenting the times that these waves of heightened sensitivity occur over a period of time up against the backdrop of the moon’s phases will lead you away from fear and anticipation.

This is the call for stillness.

Creating space for stillness, to daydream, to find solutions to your problems. In stillness, you find your greatest strength.

During this phase we go inward to the centre of the labyrinth to sort out solutions to problems, cleanse, heal, forgive, and release baggage.

After this new moon time you emerge renewed with a new insight, direction and wisdom. What was previously hormonal hell, becomes the doorway to deep spiritual exploration.

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Reason #3 Self care needs change

Never before has self care mattered so much! It is okay to take care of yourself now.

Give yourself a break without the guilt.

Otherwise, you run the risk of constant fight or flight mode due to excessive outward energy. Especially, if you are experiencing sleep disturbances.

Slowing down at targeted times is necessary to get acquainted with your body’s new way of communicating.

This does not mean that you won’t experience surges of energy like the springtime Maiden energy, but dramatic changes can be smoothed out by steadiness, gentleness and reflection.

Take advantage of any new found freedoms as an opportunity for extra nourishment. Reprogramming any guilt you may experience by setting new boundaries from the pull to be less outwardly expressive is at the heart of healing the feminine.

Allow changes to occur around you, shut your eyes and listen for the heart’s guidance.


Reason #4 Isolation

We’ve all experienced an extended period of Isolation over the past 2 years. Some of us may just be realizing the impact that it has had on our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Naturally during menopause there is a pull toward isolation, and there is a danger of over-identifying with this quality of the Wise Woman.

You can balance this by taking safe measures toward contributing to your community in new ways through volunteering, sharing your gifts, or joining a hobbyist group.

So many women have been going through changes alone without their community.  Lifting the taboo on topics that unite all women is the path toward empowerment.

We once cycled together- and It is important to share your experiences with other women in your community to alleviate fear of the unknown.

You are invited to join our Sacred Circle to connect with women around the globe in all stages of life following the wisdom of the moon cycles to heal and grow spiritually. 

Reason #5 Nothing can remove us from our cyclical nature

As we age, we become more of an embodiment of the seasons of the earth and moon cycles. The opportunity for renewal happens every month (new moon to new moon).

The calendar month is not energetically nourishing the way the moon cycles are, so my invitation to you is to begin to tune in to your energy at the new moon and full moon.

As the Wise Woman, you are the harmonious blending of all four archetypes’ superpowers. Your embodiment of the goddess is complete.

You can call upon each of the archetypes’ gifts at will. You have the opportunity to offer tremendous guidance and power to younger women who follow.


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You’ll experience your greatest power – on and off the mat – when you return to the magic of the feminine.