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The four phases of the menstrual cycle are the pre-ovulation phase before we release an egg, ovulation when the egg is released, pre-menstruation as our bodies prepare to shed the lining of the uterus, and menstruation when we bleed. Each physical phase goes hand in hand with spiritual, emotional, and mental changes, a cycle of shifting energy that we can tap into to help us understand and heal ourselves and our bodies.

Pre-ovulation Phase

Celebrate the energy of the Maiden: bringing new enthusiasm, mental clarity and physical vigour during your pre-ovulation phase.

Ovulation Phase

Connect with the Nurturer: we’re most capable of nurturing ourselves, our loved ones, and our deepest desires during our ovulation phase.

Pre-menstruation Phase

Channel your inner enchantress: emotional, wild, unpredictable, and powerful during your pre-menstruation phase.

Menstruation Phase

Awaken the energy of the wise woman: the quiet and intuitive energy during your menstruation phase.