Fertility is the theme of the Beltane season and so is love. Most poignantly it is about the Sacred Union of the masculine and feminine made manifest by the blooming trees, blossoming flowers and the union of lovers.

This is a meditation that came to me while I was ‘playing’ energetically with the soul of my soul-mate.  In honour of Beltane I’d like to share it with you.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight as you bring your awareness to your breath.
  • Place your hands on your knees palms face-up
  • Start to INHALE, and slowly unite the the index finger and thumb of your RIGHT hand until fingertip and thumbtip touch
  • Silently intend: “I receive your love just as I am” as you gently press the thumb tip and fingertip of your right hand together
  • As you EXHALE, slowly unite the index finger and thumb tip of your LEFT hand until they touch
  • Silently intend: “From my whole body and whole heart I send you all my love”, as you press the thumb tip and fingertip of your left hand together

The beauty of this meditation is in allowing the meeting of your thumb and index finger to happen spontaneously while keeping your attention on your breath.  The breath suspends you in the wonderment of present time.  Until the touch finally happens you are in the mystery of the now.  And when the union does happen then you can consciously engage your whole mind-body-heart to send and receive love.

Hope you enjoy the meditation!  I’d love to know how it goes for you when you do it at home so please leave a comment.

Love and delight,


ps. In case you were wondering where Beltane comes from, The Wheel of the Year which was the calendar of our ancestors (and honoured by many still today), consists of eight holidays called Sabbats, based on the cycles of earth and the seasons.  The two greatest days are Halloween, which is considered New Year’s Eve and is the start of the wheel, and its opposite, May Day, also known by many as Beltane.

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