We’re meditating under a very special energy today as women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. 

IWD, the Full Sap Moon, the arrival of the Maiden season here in the Northern Hemisphere–it’s a time of awakening and feminine energy rising! You'll find our full moon meditation below. 

This is a powerful moon because it connects us to our feminine power and determination.

This month’s moon rays are Bright Fire-Red and Orange, the colours of the sacral chakra. 

The sacral chakra is associated with the emotions, sensuality, sexuality and creativity — huge sources of our feminine power.

In the beautiful words of Miranda Gray, the Bright Fire-Red and Orange moon “fills our womb with the energy to dance in life, to be sensual, to change without fear, and to shape our path ahead. Like a dragon the energy rushes through us, opening our wings of power, and we shine brightly from our heart out into our life!”

The call of the feminine is being heard around the world. So many women are gathering in real and virtual circles. (At this very moment I’m in Cancun with Miranda Gray at the third annual international gathering of Moon Mothers!) 

So many of you have woken up. You’re reclaiming your relationship with your womb, your menstrual cycle, your feminine energy. We’re growing and expanding together.

In the Full Sap Moon Meditation, I'll guide you through the Earth-Sky breath meditation and the meditation for the Bright Fire-Red and Orange moon. 

Just click play on the video below.

I wish you a beautiful full moon, a beautiful International Women’s Day and a beautiful awakening of the feminine within you.

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