Last night under the March Full Sap Moon we meditated on what is ready to thaw within us. 

If you grew up in northeastern North America like I did, you probably took at least one school trip to a sugar bush to see the tapping of the maple trees. 

There was still snow on the ground, the earth hadn’t quite woken from its winter sleep, and yet there — flowing through the maples in the form of sap to be turned into syrup — was the promise of a delicious spring.

If you missed the live meditation, I invite you to join in now with the replay video below.

We'll harness the full moon energy and the beautiful metaphor of sap running through the maples.

Whether you're trying to conceive or not, think of the sap as the blood carrying healing and wellness through your veins — or the ideas, desires, and vision invigorating your heart and spirit. 

In our virtual full moon circle, you will: 

  • Meditate on what is thawing within you — what energy or feeling place do you want to give way to flow again through your veins?
  • Explore the transition from winter to spring within you — discover what part of you has lain dormant which is now awakening
  • Participate in a simple ritual — to release the dark robes of the winter Crone and give way to the blossoming of the Spring Maiden

Just click below to start watching…