The Full Pink Moon is here! It's a particularly potent moon for feminine energy, and it's the first after the Equinox: a time to harness the renewal of the changing season and begin to grow the seeds that are already germinating under the soil.

So before you get to the meditation replay below, think a moment about this question:

What seeds have you already planted that you're ready now to give the space to grow? 

Before things blossom, we don’t often appreciate that there’s a time of darkness and quiet. We want to rush through and get to the manifestation. In a masculine world, we’re often missing the other half of growth: the stillness, quiet, spaciousness, reflection, depth, and rest.

The bright and vibrant blossoming will come. But not without that period of gestation.

This cycle of growth is not unlike the moon itself in its changing phases. And it's also a perfect mirror for the cycle we go through monthly as women: the shifting hormones and their accompanying goddess energies that take us through the quiet of the Wise Woman, the outward-focused Maiden, the nurturing Mother, and the deep Enchantress.

We are not linear. We are not always “on.” We're not always flowers bursting through the soil, full of colour and energy.

Which is why when you have the ability to predict what you need at every phase of your cycle and plot it in a systematic way, your life becomes so much smoother, easier, and more fulfilling–because you know how to respond to your own needs in a way that is empowering.

I know you’re a conscious woman who wants to know and understand ALL of herself.

You want to awaken to a life of true connection with your body, your spirit, your partner, Universal oneness.

You want to FLOURISH in your work, your goals, your relationships, your sex life, your health and your fertility.

So as you're growing those seeds of transformation, I invite you to begin exploring your very own roadmap to feminine thriving.

By which I mean…your menstrual cycle and its relationship with the moon.

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This is for tuned-in, conscious women who already know there’s more to their cycle than just the physical. Who are intrigued by their menstrual cycle’s connection with the moon. Who want to become and achieve everything they know, deep inside, they can become and achieve. 

If you're ready to finally feel empowered by your cycle…find out more HERE.

And now for that meditation!

Here’s what’ll happen when you click the video below:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all the women who’ve come together, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we  share what seeds we’re ready to nurture to full blossoming (you can write these in your journal).
  • I’ll guide you through Miranda Gray’s Full Moon Ray Meditation especially for the Pink Moon.
  • We’ll reflect on what came up for us during the meditation and what guidance it can give us for moving forward.

You’ll want to be somewhere comfortable and quiet so you can get the full benefit of the meditation.