So many women struggle to find their soulmate. And when you do settle down, it's so easy to lose that spark of passion you shared in the beginning, especially if infertility is part of the picture.

Sex becomes routine or in the worst cases more like a chore.

And if you’re single and still searching for love, it's easy to feel disheartened and worried that it may never happen for you. Just like month after month, when you’re faced with disappointing pregnancy tests, your hope starts to dwindle and you wonder whether you’ll be the only ones to remain childless.

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Soulmate or baby, it's the same missing key

It’s amazing because I have been working with women struggling with infertility for years. And almost every time I help a woman to reconnect with her body and then restore her intimate relationship with her partner, a baby comes.

And for a woman who struggles to find love, once she learns how to use her feminine energy to attract a man (rather than repel him) her quest for a relationship is fulfilled.

The key whether you’re yearning for a soulmate or for a baby is your feminine power.

If you don’t know how to access your femininity you’re likely overusing your masculine side.

How can you tell? If you answer yes to any of the following:

Do you spend lots of time worrying and stressing about what’s not working and what’s not happening?
Do you feel jealous of other women who have what you want?
Secretly questioning whether something is wrong with you?
Feeling out of control like nothing you do makes a difference?
Surrender and letting-go seem impossible to you?

If you recognized yourself in any of these ways you are out of your feminine power!

You can’t problem-solve a baby or a relationship into being. You have to generate the right energy to attract a soulmate or the soul of your baby from the core of your feminine essence.

And if you struggle with worry and anxiety, if you’re always trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and fix the problem, or you feel nothing you do gives you the results you want then you’re out of the flow of life.

You need a dose of feminine magic, power and flow. Whether you’re trying to manifest a relationship or a baby your femininity is the key.

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