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Today I want to share a truly amazing story of a Moon Goddess student of mine, Maria.

Maria was preparing for her first IVF cycle when she started Moon Goddess.

I diligently did all the exercises, wrote down my intentions and was working with my soul and body together every day. Every time I finished my session I felt really uplifted and inspired

She was hopeful and excited – and deeply desired twins.

“I went through the cycle of hormones accepting all of the shots with love and pleasure, knowing they are bringing me closer to the goal. Mid September was the egg retrieval day. They retrieved 15 eggs and 9 were fertilized. We were happy! Although 3 days after, on the embryo transfer day, they only transferred 1 embryo. I really wanted to both increase my chances for the successful cycle AND to have twins, But I accepted it and went home full of love to the small embryo inside of me.”

And then fear and failure set in
“None of the embryos left in the lab made it. Thanks to my amazing husband and my positive affirmations, I pulled myself back together. 12 days before my first beta – I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it. But then I went in for my beta’s and the verdict was “chemical pregnancy”...I was devastated again. Whole day of tears but I persevered and came back to meditations of Moon Goddess with tears on my eyes…”

The power of intention – TWINS!
“And…the beta increased, doubled then tripled and so on until at week 6 appointment they saw 2 sacs! Basically, one embryo split into two at the early stage, as there were two sacs, but 1 placenta. This is possible, but rather rare. My belief is that I wanted twins so badly, that even changed my intention exercise from ‘want a baby’ to ‘want 2 babies’”

Maria wanted me to let you in on this story to show you there is hope.

“I wanted to share my story in order to say thank you and maybe to inspire others. Infertility is the toughest thing I ever went through. It eats you from inside and you need a lot of strength and courage to pull together and stay strong. I am grateful to all the techniques you gave me, Zahra, that were outstanding additional help in tough times. My babies are almost 3 months old and I am looking at them and still amazed that I was chosen for such an incredible gift!”

This is truly a reminder, that no matter what all the research, stats, and even your doctor says – our bodies are truly capable of magic.

I am honored that I was able to be a part of Maria’s journey in this way, and know that you can have the same miracles.

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Love and delight,