I absolutely love the New Year. It’s a time of renewed hope and new beginnings. Especially if you’re trying to conceive, it’s the perfect time to set your intentions.

But before you do that, it’s a good idea to look back and take stock. Reflection helps us realize our gains and appreciate where we are in relation to where we want to be. So take a moment right now to pause.

Think about all the actions you took in 2013 to bring you closer to motherhood.

What steps did you take that you are proud of? From changing your diet, to visits to the doctor, to acupuncture and fertility yoga and meditation. I suggest you pull out a piece of paper and write them ALL down. Then sit back and acknowledge yourself all your good work. Yay you!

Now what do you regret? Or put another way, what could you have done differently?

You might need a little more time with this so don’t rush. And fyi, this is not about blaming yourself. Instead, look objectively at what you want to change for the year ahead. Remember, if you get stuck in regret it won’t help. But if you use regret to change directions that’s when you can leap forward into the future you desire.

So what do you regret? Write it down. This is your jumping off point for 2014 so really give it some thought. What steps do you want to take in the New Year to course correct?

Note this is not a ‘resolution’

I’m personally not a fan. What I want you take away from this exercise is:

  1. To acknowledge all the ways you have been working towards making your dream of motherhood a reality and
  2. To get clear about what didn’t work so you can make changes.

But that’s not all! Now that you’ve identified the changes you want to make, look at your list and determine a one word intention or phrase that summarizes your new direction. For example, my guiding phrase for 2014 is: I give myself permission to be really, really happy.

Why did I chose that? For me 2013 was a powerfully creative year. I wrote my first eBook, created a new website and found new love. Lots of good things happened.

What I regret is I wasn’t always focused on the positive. There were a lot of glitches and delays with my new ventures and I got frustrated often. I also felt impatient with my partner. And many times I thought ‘this isn’t going to work’. Sound familiar?

But now I’ve identified what I want to change. I want to pro-actively guide my thoughts towards what I want to create, rather than focusing on the negative or what’s missing. That’s the overarching theme of my year. Permission to be very, very happy.

You can too.

If you’re a woman who has almost everything you want but you’re struggling to get pregnant then you need to do two things:

  1. Stop focusing on what’s not working.
  2. Stop taking actions you think you ‘have to’ in order to conceive.

Instead, soften, let-go and allow your body to receive a successful conception and pregnancy.

New Year Blessing

Winter Snowflake My beautiful friend Salima Bhimani wrote these words. They touched my heart so deeply I wanted to share them with you…

This new year begins with the new moon. In the energy of new beginnings, new possibilities and new manifestations I ask with clear, love centered intention that in 2014,

You release and let go of every belief, thought, energy, focus, concern, emotion, embodiment that limits you and is not for your best self and highest life

You hear, feel, taste, smell, experience yourself as expansive Love

You magnetize all that is joyous, wondrous, passionate, magical and rhythmically and creatively vitalizing

You are the sunlight that warms and sparks every soul you mingle with

You receive bountifully more than you have ever imagined for your self and family

Exuberance fills every particle and aura of your being

You share and receive that which nourishes the mind, heart, body, soul, spirit and energetic fields

You are seen, heard, felt, recognized, embraced in your awesomeness

Every breath of yours moves freely and flowingly from the tips of your toes to the top of your head

You feel, know, and share your inner power which effects and changes the world

You grow infinitely to be more you