Have you ever felt the power of magic? Of a force that’s beyond what your human mind can understand?

I have a personal story I want to tell you on the Full Moon — a bewitching story of “I can’t believe this is happening to me!” magic that is unfolding for me right now.



My story is about wielding the powerful and seductive enchantress energy also known as the Huntress archetype.

This is the archetype we're going to explore on this month's Full Moon live cast, where we’re honouring Samhain (commonly known as Halloween) as well as the October Full Hunter’s Moon.

But because this is very much a feminine story, we’re changing that to the Full Huntress Moon.

What images and words come to your mind when you think of the Huntress?

To me she's:

  • Powerful
  • Seductive
  • Clear-minded
  • Exacting

She knows what she wants and she goes after it skillfully and artfully, not in a panicked or anxious rush but with clear focus.

How would it feel in your body and in your life to wield such immense feminine power? A power that felt under your control. Not a destructive power but one you wielded as a generative force that creates more and more and more…

I am sure this power exists in every woman. The problem is, we don’t know how to use it.

Maybe you have tasted that power…

Maybe you’ve had inklings of your instinctual feminine prowess…

But maybe you don’t really know what it is or how to channel it.

I want you to find out for yourself, this power that lies inside of you.

Under the Full Samhain Huntress Moon this is what I want to reveal to you:

  • The most important change every woman needs to make to wield her feminine power
  • 3 specific skills to tap into your feminine instincts AND surrender to their guidance
  • How to become the vessel through which all that you want flows to you: intimacy, love, a baby

Plus I have some UNBELIEVABLE personal news to share with you, which I will only reveal on the live cast itself.

I‘m going to show you how through seeming tragedy, where I wanted to curl up in my bed and never come out, I was able to connect with a power at play far greater than I could know or understand.

How do you surrender to that power? That’s what I want to share with you.

If you have something in your life that you’re doggedly fighting for and you know deep inside there’s a force beyond you that could change everything if only you knew how to tap into it, then make sure to RSVP.

==>> Tune in with me live on Facebook Wednesday, October 24 at 5:45pm EST / 2:45pm PST / 10:45pm UK / 8:45am Thursday Australian Eastern time to meditate with the Samhain Huntress Moon


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P.S. Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is an ancient festival marking the beginning of the darker half of the year, halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It's a mystical night when the veil between the earthly world and the spirit world is said to be thinnest. It's the perfect time for the Huntress and her sensual feminine magic. ==>> RSVP here