Happy Equinox!

Wow, what a powerful month this is. We’ve just had the Equinox, and we have an amazing full moon around the corner. This is definitely not just any moon—on the night of September 27-28 we’ll experience a Super Blood Moon Eclipse.

Full moons are powerful in themselves, but the combination of the Super Moon (the moon at its closest point to Earth, resulting in its largest apparent size), Blood Moon (the final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses, spaced six months apart) and the eclipse itself makes this one powerful moon with an energy that you will want to harness. It’s also the Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere and the first full moon of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Astrologer Molly Cliborne Gauthier says that with a lunar eclipse, “decisions we make, things we let go of, and things we finish during this waning cycle have significance in the future. Full Moons in general, and Lunar eclipses in particular, are times of high emotion, and they bring awareness.”

My journey

10596154_10154449254765357_1069576247_nSo I've been thinking of how I can use the power of this very special moon to let go of what no longer serves me and cross the threshold into the identity I want to claim. Yesterday I went out for dinner with my brother to celebrate his birthday, and we talked about the place I am in my life right now: in recovery from some personal losses, and heading off to Brazil (today!) for a whole new adventure with Pilates teacher training. My brother gave me a really nice visual that I’m intending to turn into an Equinox/Full Moon ritual for myself: when you walk off that plane in Brazil, he said, imagine yourself walking into your new self.

And I love that. Travel always feels like an important transition to me: from one place to another, from one life toward a new one, one way of being toward a whole new culture and focus and piece of earth. During those hours on the plane, you’re in a limbo state where you’ve left behind your past but haven’t yet begun whatever you’re moving into. You are suspended between what has been and what will be.

And so I’m going to follow my brother’s suggestion. I plan to use my limbo travel time to journal about the qualities I want to embody in this new version of myself: things like moving with ease, feeling strong, feeling like I have dominion over my body and a sense of owning my power.

And when the plane lands on Brazilian soil, I will consciously step off it into my new self.

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Walk through the portal into your new self

Even if you’re not getting on a plane anytime soon, the Equinox and the Full Moon Eclipse are both an opportunity for you to do this same shedding of the old and stepping into the new.

The Equinox and the Full Moon Eclipse are portals—doorways that you can walk through, out of your old identity and into a new one.

I’ve created a simple ritual that you can use to walk through that portal, specifically for women on the fertility journey.

You can do this on the night of the full moon eclipse, or at any time between the full moon and the next new moon. That’s the night of Sept 27—mark your calendar so you don’t forget! (And to find out when the eclipse will be visible in your part of the world, see EarthSky’s post here.)

Stepping into Your New Identity: Super Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual

• Begin by getting quiet on a yoga mat or in a comfy corner of your home. Have a notebook and pen at hand. Light a candle, burn sage, play a singing bowl, or do whatever helps you to move into a peaceful, meditative state.

• Bring your awareness into your womb, the home of your creative life-giving force. Imagine this cozy cavern of your body. Feel your internal fires glowing gently, offering you a warm and cozy embrace.

• Call up the blockages and fears that may be getting in the way of conception, the things that you’re ready to release during this Full Moon Eclipse.

• Write down your biggest block or fear, whatever you know you most need to let go of in order to step into motherhood.

• Now write down its opposite, the way of being that you want to claim.

• Imagine the full moon, bright with possibility. Visualize this moon darkening with the eclipse. Ask the universe for assistance in clearing out these old energies to make room for the things you want to call in. Breathe deeply and slowly.

• As you breathe, inhale creativity and exhale shame.

• Inhale fertile energy and exhale failure.

• Inhale a vision of yourself as a mother, peaceful and radiant as you hold your baby in your arms. Exhale the old identities, the idea of yourself as an infertile woman. Let it go. That’s no longer who you are. Lay claim to the mother you’re becoming. Fully embrace yourself as the embodiment of this identity that you want to manifest. Be there now.

• Inhale the new way of being that you wrote down. Exhale the old way of being, the block or fear that you identified.

• See and feel yourself the way you want to experience yourself: you are this new version of yourself, embodied. Continue inhaling and exhaling until you feel yourself standing fully in this new way of being.

Moon image: Jon Sullivan