One of the questions I get asked most by women trying to conceive is: How can I synch my period so that I’m bleeding with the new moon and ovulating with the full moon?

This is because there are two traditional patterns women’s cycles can follow: the White Moon cycle (bleeding with the new moon + ovulating with the full moon) or the Red Moon cycle (bleeding with the full moon + ovulating with the new moon).

The White Moon cycle is the traditional cycle of the mother archetype, a woman whose focus is on bearing and nurturing children, while the Red Moon cycle is the cycle of the healer archetype: a woman whose focus is not on bearing children but on birthing and nurturing herself, her projects, her visions, and the community of other women.

So if you’re trying to conceive, you may be wondering:

Do I have to be on a White Moon cycle in order to get pregnant?

The short answer is: Nope!

Will ovulating with the full moon enhance my fertility?

The short answer to this question is: It might. It depends.

I’m going to share more detail on that below.


But before I do…

I want to assure you that if you are a full-moon bleeder, you absolutely can get pregnant.

Tamara’s Story…

Tamara is just one example of one of my clients who conceived her daughter on a Red Moon cycle

As a teacher and Reiki practitioner, Tamara has always connected to the red moon energies, seeing herself as a visionary and a priestess. When she began trying to conceive, she was disheartened because all the information she found told her that women are most fertile on the full moon, but she was ovulating at every part of the moon cycle except the full moon.

Tamara began to not only make peace with not ovulating at the full moon, but she began to consciously honour this part of herself. And then she conceived her daughter—on a new moon.

Now she says, “I feel really proud that my daughter was conceived on a red moon cycle, because I have always connected so much to the red moon energies. I am looking forward to one day when she comes of age explaining all of this to her. It is her story as much as it is mine. It will be a wonderful way to explain all I know about moon cycles to her when the time comes.”

As a Red Moon woman myself, Tamara’s story really impacted me. Not only did she get pregnant on a new moon, but they forgot all about “trying” that month (they were too busy moving) when–surprise, surprise!–their little angel was conceived!

Her story reinforces two of my central teachings around women’s fertility and the moon:


1.  It’s not the full moon in the sky that matters. It’s when you ovulate that’s your personal full moon time. This is the time in your cycle for self-nurturing and opening your heart and womb to the miracle of conception.

2.  Stressing out about what supplements to take or reading online forums into the night reinforces the masculine mode of doing more and trying harder. Conception comes when you relax into being. That’s the feminine – to let go instead of trying to control or force the outcome.

So if you’re on a Red Moon cycle and you’re trying to conceive, take heart in the knowledge that you don’t have to change a thing about your cycle’s relationship to the moon in order to get pregnant.


But if you want to go a little deeper into your feminine connection to the moon and how it may affect your fertility, I have some fascinating information to share with you.

Your Natal Lunar Phase: A Whole New Fertile Time!

Anyone who’s trying to get pregnant is well aware that ovulation, the mid-phase of your cycle, is when you’re fertile.


What you may not have heard of is the concept of your Natal Lunar Fertile Phase: the idea that ovulation can be triggered when the moon is in the same lunar phase it was in at the time of your birth—regardless of where you are in your cycle.

What this means is that you potentially have two fertile windows: biological ovulation in the middle of your cycle, and the time each month when the moon returns to the phase it was in at your birth.

And that’s what I mean when I say that you could be more fertile if you ovulated with the full moon… or the new moon… or the waxing crescent moon… It all depends on what phase the moon was in when you were born.

Does that seem far out?

Consider this:

The moon’s gravitational force on our oceans is strong enough to dictate the ocean tides.

How fascinating to consider that if the moon can have this huge an effect on such an enormous body of water as an ocean, it could also influence menstrual fluids and the liquid in which the egg is suspended.

It could affect you from birth and throughout your life.

The concept of the Natal Lunar Fertile Phase was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Eugen Jonas, a Slovakian doctor interested in astrology and in the moon’s relationship to women’s fertility. He worked with married couples who volunteered to be part of his research, and his studies found that 85% of pregnancies were conceived during this natal lunar phase, independent of the woman’s biological ovulation phase.

This may account for what the medical community refers to as spontaneous ovulation. And for the stories you hear about women getting pregnant on their periods.

“Zahra thank you for being an angel to those of us seeking to birth our motherhood in a more conscious way. I know what I have learnt from you will serve me both in this journey towards motherhood and beyond”

Ragini, Melbourne, Australia

So How Would This Work for you?

If you were born at (for example) the crescent moon, you are fertile not only at ovulation but also at every crescent moon – even if you’re pre-menstrual, menstruating, or in any other phase of your cycle not traditionally accepted as a fertile time.

But it’s also possible for your lunar fertility phase to coincide with ovulation.

What’s that mean?

It means you can have one extra-powerful fertile window during the month.

By charting and keeping track of both your lunar and biological cycles, it becomes easy to know exactly how fertile you will be at what point in the month.

And you can shift your biological ovulation to coincide with your natal lunar fertile phase to create that extra-powerful fertile window.

Because you should be the expert on your fertility.

In a moment I’m going to tell you exactly how to sync your biological cycle with your natal lunar fertile phase.

But first I want to talk to you about keeping track of your biological cycle.


If you’re trying to conceive, chances are you have a pretty good idea of when you ovulate.

But it’s easy to overlook the precious interplay of all 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and their holistic role in your reproductive health.

Because every phase of your cycle holds tremendous insight into who you are as a woman and a mama-to-be: your moods, emotions, sex drive, energy levels…and your fertility.

When you’re trying to conceive, the wisdom of the menstrual cycle is essential information.

And tracking your menstrual cycle alongside the moon’s cycle gives you even more insight.

Tracking your cycle with the moon helps you:


Better understand yourself as a cyclical being — because it creates a visual representation of the movements of your body, emotions, and thoughts throughout the month, so you can clearly see them.


Maximize your time, energy, and efficiency — because when you have a clear picture of how your body and mind feel around different weeks in your cycle, you’ll know what to expect from yourself and how to engage with the world around you more effectively.


Ask for what you need from your partner or support system — because we can’t ask for what we need from someone else without first knowing these answers ourselves.


Tap into a true and deep connection to the divine feminine — because connecting to the energies of the moon allows us to access our divine feminine cycles, which mirror the natural waxing and waning of the moon.


Take the pressure off ovulation and embrace your whole cycle — because without a deep-rooted understanding of your body’s cyclical wisdom, trying to conceive can feel frustrating, exhausting, and downright disempowering.

Take the mystery out of your menstrual cycle, your fertility and the moon.

Working in harmony with each phase of your menstrual cycle gives you access to unique opportunities for healing, creative expression, and meaningful self-connection on your fertility path.


And when you add the power of the moon to this intimate knowledge of your own cycle, you get one super-charged combination that can make a real difference to your fertility.

That’s exactly why I’m bundling my Moon Charting Mastery program (normally a stand-alone offering) with my Lunar Conception program — to empower you with:


Deep understanding of each of the 4 phases of your cycle (and how they ebb and flow alongside the phases of the moon)…


Knowledge of your natal lunar fertility phase.



The ability to create one extra-powerful fertile window each month

In this special offering of two bundled programs, we’ll start with my…

30-minute Master Class

This is where you’ll take the mystery out of charting your menstrual cycle with the moon:

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed is that your hormones jump around in a pattern you can’t make sense of and are not rooted in a framework of understanding or predictability where you can respond (and plan) with skill and confidence.

By the time you’re finished with the 30-minute Master Class, you’ll have decoded the most powerful map to your moods, emotions, sex drive, energy levels and fertility.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:


How to track your cycle with the moon: I’ll show you how to identify where in the moon’s cycle your personal menstrual cycle begins, plus how to track the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes you notice so you can start to identify their patterns with the moon.


Embodying your 4 goddess energies: I’ll give you a clear framework for understanding and harnessing the gifts of the goddess archetypes that manifest in each phase of your cycle: The Wise Woman, The Maiden, The Mother and The Enchantress.


Applying this in your life: I’ll teach you how to use your cycle to improve your sex life, work performance, and connection with your partner and to enhance your spirituality, self-care and health — especially your fertility health.


Embracing your Red Moon or White Moon cycle: I’ll share the differences between a Red Moon cycle (bleeding with the full moon) and a White Moon cycle (ovulating with the full moon) and why it matters… so that once you understand what kind of cycler you are, you can start making choices that fit with that life path.

Then you’ll be ready to start using your:

4 Cycle Tracking Tables

In these new tracking tables, you’ll find:


For each phase of your cycle, you’ll track your:

  • libido/sexuality
  • mood + emotions
  • physical being
  • mental state
  • spirituality
  • and (as a special bonus for some phases) creativity

Easy-to-follow prompts…

Based on where you are in your cycle you might feel things like:

  • Strong need for sexual release
  • Deep desire to connect emotionally
  • Tiredness & decreasing levels of physical energy
  • Foggy and slow mentally
  • And if I missed something, there’s space in each category for you to write in your own symptoms or experience too

Space to draw in your own symbol
of the moon phase…

…. so you can see where the moon is in the sky in relationship with your cycle.

Customization for your cycle…

No matter how long or short your cycle is, I give you space to write your cycle day in yourself, so if your cycle runs longer or shorter than a “typical” 28 or 29 days, you’re not crossing out numbers and rewriting the form.

And then we have a special treat for you…

Never be thrown off balance by your hormones again!

4 Audio Lessons: Let’s Talk About Your Cycle

Most women don’t realize that their energy shifts from week to week, and it’s because of their hormones.

Each 5-minute audio lesson gives you a deeper understanding of the hormonal changes taking place in your body PLUS how to use your goddess energies to cope with symptoms and feel more in control over your moods, energy, libido, fertility and more.

1. Let’s Talk About PMS & Your Enchantress Energy
2. Let’s Talk About Periods & Your Wise Woman Energy
3. Let’s Talk About Estrogen & Your Maiden Energy
4. Let’s Talk About Fertility & Your Mother Energy

Listen to your “Let’s Talk About…” audio lesson before you meditate with the goddess energy connected to that phase of your cycle. Then get ready for a gorgeous goddess glow!

Because I’m throwing in my complete series of Moon Meditations (value $27) at no additional cost…

… get ready for a gorgeous goddess glow!

Once you have a handle on your menstrual cycle and its relationship to the moon… the real fun begins!

Here’s where we start creating this extra-powerful fertile window that combines both your biological ovulation phase and your natal lunar fertile phase.

I show you exactly how to do this in my…

37-minute Lunar Conception Master Class

In this complete video training I walk you through everything you need to know to take advantage of your natal lunar fertile phase.

I show you:


How and why the moon affects your fertility.


Why you have a second monthly fertile time in addition to ovulation (& what research supports this).


Exactly how to calculate your Natal Lunar Fertile phase or peak fertility time.


How to use light exposure to shift ovulation so you can synchronize it with your peak fertility time & maximize your fertility in any one given cycle.


How this info can help influence the sex of your baby.


What this knowledge can tell you about sperm counts, plus how to use male peak fertility to improve IVF & IUI.

Plus I’m giving you 3 more fertility-rich bonuses…

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Get cozy each night before bed and spend 15 minutes connecting with the moon, your womb and your four goddess energies as I guide you through this audio meditation, designed especially for conception.


If you intuitively sense that syncing your cycle with the moon will improve your chances of conceiving…

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Give me the complete Lunar Conception & Moon Charting Mastery Package—plus all the fertility-rich bonuses!

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Elana, Toronto, Canada