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  • The effect of the moon on your peak fertility
  • Your second fertile time apart from ovulation + supporting research
  • How to calculate your natal fertile lunar phase
  • How to influence the sex of your baby
  • The effect on sperm counts
  • Using light exposure to shift ovulation to maximize your fertile time

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Meditation for Conception Audio Meditation from Moon Goddess

In 15 minutes I’ll guide you to connect the moon with your womb and your four goddess energies, especially for conception. Just listen before bed and let the meditation work its magic.

There is fertile magic in our female connection with the moon. Let my Lunar Conception training show you how to harness it.

My journey with Zahra connected me with my own deep longing to conceive. Through her teachings, practices and supportive way of being, I began to open up to my own healing journey. A journey that I only now realize is to conceive my Authentic Self. Giving birth to the Divinity in me. I would say that I was successful in “conceiving” and Zahra was a Loving, Accepting and Compassionate teacher of mine in the process.”

Billie, Toronto, Canada

Zahra thank you for being an angel to those of us seeking to birth our motherhood in a more conscious way. I know what I have learnt from you will serve me both in this journey towards motherhood and beyond.”

Ragini, Melbourne, Australia