Sunday February 27th wasn't one of those sleepy Sunday's I got to stay in bed and lounge around in my pj's, no I had a date with Shiva in his temple. So I was up early to practice my meditations and get ready for the day. At 7:15am as I'm putting on those final touches before heading out the door I receive a text message: Remember to bring a hat and sun screen, it's going to be hot under the sun. Wow I thought – do all of Black-Swan's customers receive such special treatment? Or maybe Shiva had a hand in this thoughtful message? Whatever it was I was happy to be taken such good care of. And off I went to find my rickshaw chariot.

As the good Canadian I am, I was the first to arrive, however I wasn't sure exactly where I'd arrived to. So I called the Black-Swan guy and it turns out I was just around the corner from our meeting spot. Phew! I had made it after all. And around the corner he came, long and lean with wavy dark hair and a really sweet smile. I found myself smiling BIG, this guy was really cute. I had been in India by then for almost 2 months and this was the first Indian guy to make my eyes sparkle. Hmmmm this day was turning out to be blessed in ways I hadn't even imagined…