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PMS is not a natural part of your cycle, it’s a result of fighting against the flow of your feminine energy.  When you resist the natural flow of progesterone to turn inward because you’re fighting to stay in the outward, action-oriented energy of pre-ovulation you will feel like you’re going crazy.

Progesterone has a sedating effect – she wants us to slow down and mellow out.  When we allow her to take us inward to that quiet and reflective place she gives us deep insights into parts of ourselves that are hidden in the rush of everyday busyness and offers us the opportunity to find creative solutions to our problems.

Listen to where your body is at.  Your body needs you to slow down and get in touch with your deepest truths because that’s where your feminine power lies pre-menstrually.  So give yourself a break and breathe.  Let the goddess energy of the Enchantress liberate you from the cycle of PMS.

Use this beautiful Yoga Goddess meditation during the waning moon and connect with your inner enchantress. Click the video below to find out how.