Kundalini Yoga + the 10 Bodies of Light

Yoga Goddess classes and retreats will uplift, awaken and inspire you with the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the Ten light bodies.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. This classical style of yoga combines movement, breath, mental concentration and sound to inspire integration of the self within the 10 light bodies and the chakra system.

When you look at a person from the viewpoint of the 10 bodies, you see the physical body, the mental bodies (negative, positive and neutral), the soul body as well as 5 ethereal aspects of the self (the arc line, the aura, the pranic body, the subtle body and the radiant body). Each of the 10 bodies has their own unique qualities in mind, body and spirit. When we relate the 10 bodies to our birth month, we answer the question: What am I mastering? This tells us what we are here to learn in this lifetime.

The 10 bodies of Light

Light Body Archetype In Mind – Body – Spirit Birth Month
One Leader Your spirit, heart and soul . Expressed as love of self and love of all. Learning to lead from the heart by balancing the head and heart. January
Two Diplomat Your negative or discerning mind. Expressed as a longing to belong to something greater than yourself. Learning about relationships and paying attention to the details. February
Three Caregiver Your positive or divine mind. Expressed as creativity where anything is possible. Learning to relax, stay positive and have fun. March + December
Four Builder Your neutral or complete mind. Expressed as selfless service like karma yoga. Learning to be unreactive and neutral. April
Five Teacher Your physical body, learning and teaching through life experience. Expressed as living life through the senses. Learning to communicate. May
Six Counselor Your arc-line or halo. Expressed as your self-esteem and well being. Learning to honour yourself and others. June
Seven Seeker Your aura, or the electromagnetic field that surrounds you. Expressed as your ability to uplift yourself and others through energy and knowledge. Learning to look inward. July
Eight Executive Your pranic body. Expressed in your breath, which is your life force, your energy and power. Learning to manage money, power and healing. August
Nine Humanitarian Your subtle body. Expressed as your grace, elegance, mystery and mastery. Learning to be in the right place, at the right time, to take the right action; using your intuition. September
Ten Warrior Your radiant body. Expressed as your projected radiance and courage. Learning to fight and win and be at peace. This is the guardian energy. October
Eleven Guide The culmination and merging of all bodies. Expressed as your own willpower and integrity. Learning to know the truth; to see the light and to manifest your heart's desires. November
Zero All is One Shunia or the zero point. Expressed as mastery and direction of your mind, expansion of kindness and compassion to infinity. Learning to be One beyond ego. All

All Yoga Goddess classes are based on the Kundalini style and are comprised of tuning-in and centering the self, movement, deep relaxation and meditation.  With a heightened awareness of your body, mind and spirit you'll have the beautiful gift of experiencing your chakras and your 10-bodies.

Breathe, move, meditate and experience a world of energy inside you.  Using the ancient techniques of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, you'll become aware of your chakras and your body's own healing abilities.  Our classes are perfect for beginners to yoga (and meditation) because you'll learn how to connect the mind and body using your breath.  All classes include: tuning into your higher self, yoga to release tension, stress and energy blocks, deep, guided relaxation and healing meditation.

Our classes are suitable for anyone, at any age and at any level of physical fitness.
Previous yoga experience is not required.

We invite you to take a deep, slow belly breath and tip-toe through our site to see what whispers your name…Explore our signature Yoga Goddess class series' especially for women's health and spiritual balance and let your intuition guide you to the one that feels just right.

New: Drop-in Yoga Classes!

Not sure when you'll be free? If your schedule makes it too difficult to book a series of classes, drop in to our new Yoga offerings.

Drop-in on Wednesday mornings at Gravitate Studio in North Toronto (your first class is only $5!) and on Sunday mornings at Embody Fitness in Forest Hill (come try out a class for free). It's a beautiful way to start your day, whenever you're able – And these classes are open to men too!

Sundays 10:10am

Meditative Hatha Flow
Embody Fitness
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Wednesdays 9:30am
Meditative Hatha Flow
Gravitate Studio
889 Yonge Street, Downtown Toronto

To find out more about our drop-in classes are, see our schedule of yoga classes.


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