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IVF Master Class

How to Prepare for IVF Success (especially when you're worried it won't work)

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Here’s what you get with 
Becoming the Vessel for IVF Success
with Zahra as your Coach

Body Prayer 30-min audio meditation (BONUS)

You’ll use this visualization to zero in on specific fears, doubts, worries, and negative beliefs.

One-day virtually guided retreat with the Moon Goddess fertility yoga and meditation practice and the Body Prayer guided visualization and workbook (BONUS)

Discover how to craft a Body Prayer of your own that will help you bring about a positive pregnancy.

2-hour Skype session

Together, you and I will review the Body Prayer you created and rewrite it to capture what you want to achieve. You’ll create releasing statements to let go of damaging beliefs and replace them with power statements and healing affirmations that help you move out of the darkness of negativity and into the light of possibility.

5 weekly email touch points

Once a week you'll receive an email from me with reflection questions, wriing prompts, and other suggestions to navigate your emotional journey. This is your opportunity to ask me questions and receive additional guidance personal to you.

Four (4) follow-up, 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions weekly via Skype.

We’ll use clearing work (Theta healing), cognitive restructuring, and guided visualization to heal your mind, body, and spirit from infertility. Throughout the 4 one-on-one sessions, you’ll learn how to focus your mind with visualizations through each phase of the IVF process to eliminate the negative thoughts and worries that arise during this stressful time.

Four (4) Made-for-you Visualizations for IVF

I’ll personally create and record 4 visualizations timed with your treatment protocol to support you through each step of IVF: stimulation, retrieval, transfer and the two–week wait.

Weekly progress check-ins

Share feedback about our sessions and tell me exactly where you need additional support.

Unlimited Email Access to Zahra... plus 3 SOS calls

Day or night you can email me with questions or concerns. And if you need emergency coaching receive three 15-minute SOS calls.

Plus, You'll Get These Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1:
The Body Prayer Program (Value: $397)

  • Target specific fears, doubts, worries, and negative beliefs that are negatively affecting your infertility and reducing your chance of becoming pregnant…
  • Access the subconscious mind and begin healing and conceiving the possibility of your pregnancy before your body can conceive in reality.
  • Discover how to craft a body prayer of your own that will help you bring about a positive pregnancy.

Bonus #2:
The Moon Goddess fertility-enhancing yoga and meditation program (Value: $447)

You will be guided step-by-step through Moon Goddess to:

  • Erase negative thinking and restore faith in your body’s ability to conceive…
  • Strengthen your reproductive organs and boost your fertility…
  • Restore healthy hormonal balance using the healing power of kundalini yoga…
  • Calm your stressed-out mind and relax your body into to the miracle of conception…
  • Feel in partnership with your cycle instead of against it…
  • Reduce the physiological impacts of stress and increase your chances of pregnancy…

Bonus #3:
The Sensual Magic Course to enhance intimacy, pleasure, and seduction by harnessing your feminine gifts (Value: $147)

In this 6-module program you will:

  • Learn how to tap into the four goddess energies that manifest throughout your cycle.
  • Discover how to let go of masculine, controlling energy to build intimacy, spice up your relationship, and play with your partner.
  • Rekindle passion and intimacy by learning how your sex drive and heart are connected (with the KEY to experiencing sacred love-making).
  • Understand how to channel the energy of PMS to create compassion + closeness instead of reactive, resentful and angry moments.
  • Prevent painful periods + awaken your intuition by allowing yourself to take time out to be still during menstruation.
  • Receive 75 minutes of answers to questions on course material and guidance on how to apply the Sensual Magic energies to your relationship and your life.

Bonus #4: Survive and Stay Calm During the TWW (2-Week Wait) (Value: $87)

You’ll be able to:

  • Identify the pattern of hope and despair that comes with each cycle and how that impacts your mind-body fertility connection…
  • Release the fear of getting your period and nurture a positive relationship with your womb…
  • Learn how to calm your stressed-out mind so you can feel at ease during your TWW instead of feeling like you’re going crazy…
  • Experience a series of LIVE guided fertility yoga, meditation and visualizations that will heal your relationship with your womb and maximize chances of a positive pregnancy…

The bonuses alone are worth over $1000!

And Here’s My 'Committed To Making You Happy' Guarantee:

You can try this program right now for 10 days. If, within 10 days of purchase, you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll receive all but $695 of the purchase price back in cash… AND you can keep ALL the bonuses, including Becoming the Vessel for IVF Success!​

Keep ALL the bonuses including Moon Goddess fertility yoga, the Body Prayer program and the TWW Survival Workshop as my way of saying thank you for trying Becoming the Vessel for IVF Success!

Love and delight,

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P.P.S. Don’t forget, when you sign up now, you’ll also get access to my exclusive Body Prayer process (Value $397), plus my #1 fertility yoga program Moon Goddess (Value $447), AND my Two-Week-Wait Survival workshop (Value $87) absolutely FREE. That’s a total of $1000 in bonuses!


"Hi Zahra, I've been meaning to give you an update for so long now... I AM PREGNANT!!!! My IVF was a success and I am now 26 weeks pregnant and my due date is on April 27. What an amazing journey it has been and continues to be. I feel so blessed there are no words that can fully express my gratitude - it comes from the heart and soul and all I know is that it all feels so right. Thank you!”

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Save $200 with the Single Payment option.