Now that you’ve taken a deep look at how to Cleanse and Nourish your body and environment in preparation for conception, you’re ready to move inward to your emotional, mental, and spiritual landscape with Believe.

The third and final IVF Success checklist in our Cleanse-Nourish-Beleive series is the one dearest to my heart. I know the importance of outer preparation, but the inner game is where my true expertise lies and where I’ve seen the deepest meaning, joy, and transformation. And the scientific studies are beginning to prove what I know from personal experience in my work with clients: that the inner work is the real game changer.

Because you can do all the right things outwardly–eliminate every toxic substance, eat every right food–but if you are riddled with doubt and inwardly expecting failure, your probability of achieving pregnancy is severely limited.

But flip that depressing fact around, and it means that if we can look at your doubts, fears, and negative beliefs head-on, acknowledge them, address them, and heal them–if we can get you to a place inside where you genuinely believe in your ability to conceive and carry a child–you can do it. Even against impossible odds.

I’ve seen it happen again and again.

And this is why I have created the Believe IVF Success checklist to guide you through beginning to uncover and heal your fears–and why I believe this checklist is the most important of all.

But because this is such a huge topic, I’ve also prepared a little something extra that I’m going to share with you, as my gift to you! When you sign up for the [thrive_2step id=’14272′]IVF Success Checklists[/thrive_2step] you’ll get all three Cleanse-Nourish-Beleive checklists sent to your inbox, and THEN you’ll see this special gift I have for you.

Introducing my new IVF Webinar: “How to Prepare for IVF Success (especially if you’re worried it won’t work)”

Why is this important?

Because a positive-affect score—your level of peace, happiness, faith, and positivity—has been proven to increase the probability of full-term pregnancy by over 90%…specifically among women undergoing IVF. (Read the study HERE!)

In this master class:

I’ll show you exactly how to tackle negative thoughts like:

Fear: What if this IVF doesn’t work?
Doubt: What if I’m not meant to have a baby?
Regret: What if I waiting too long and now I’m too old?
Worry: What if I miscarry or my baby is unhealthy?

And I’ll show you step-by-step how to refocus your thoughts to increase your chance of successful IVF—using your mind & spirit.


  • Hear Tanya’s story of successful conception on her final IVF attempt (she’ll be on live)…
  • Learn how to balance all the things you’re doing for your fertility with the things you’re feeling, so that your emotional needs are not lost in the focus on to-dos
  • Make space to heal your pain (like past losses or failed treatment cycles) so you can move through it rather than trying to get over it, which never works anyway
  • Learn how to use my signature Body Prayer process to do the healing work for you in an easy gentle way
  • Set realistic expectations of where your doctor’s role in IVF success ends and where your belief in yourself begins – this is always the missing piece with my clients!

I’m going to be sharing so much inspiring knowledge and practical guidance to make your IVF a success. I can’t wait for you to tune in, goddess!

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