3 Checklists for IVF Success

Prepare for IVF Success in 3 steps

Follow the steps in these 3 checklists to prepare for your miracle:

  • Step 1: CLEANSE the chemicals your body absorbs from products and foods that impact our hormones
  • Step 2: NOURISH your body with the nutrients & support it needs now that you’ve cleared the junk from your system
  • Step 3: BELIEVE and receive your baby by refocusing your thoughts to increase your chance of successful IVFusing your mind and spirit
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Why Christina’s IVF Worked After 7 Attempts

I’m so pleased to let you know that I’m pregnant. I detoxed and nourished before my 7th ICSI. I’m sure that this made a difference, but actually I have a feeling that working on my thoughts/beliefs made the biggest change in clearing the road for conception! I’m turning 42, and of course my age has occupied my thoughts quite a lot because of the doctors’ explanation that the prior 6 ICSI’s didn’t work because of my age. So again I want to thank you for the Believe checklist you offered. It was the help I needed to change my fears and doubts and turn negative beliefs into positive ones.”

– Christina, Denmark, due October 14th, 2017

With these 3 checklists you’ll prepare for IVF success from the outside in: first by preparing your body and environment, then by readying your mind and spirit. Because—just as Christina shares—the outer preparation is necessary, but it’s even more important that you believe in your body’s ability to conceive a baby and bring that baby into the world. ~ Love and delight, Zahra.