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As a woman you flow through 4 distinct phases each month. Like the moon, you wax and wane from light to darkness. Like the earth, you flow from the growth of spring and the abundance of summer into the depths of autumn and the fallowness of winter.

Understanding, embracing and flowing with your own 4 phases aligns you with the natural wisdom inherent in your body.

In case you need a refresher, the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle are:

But that’s just what’s going on physically. Each of these phases also comes with its own spiritual, emotional, and mental superpower — and with its own Goddess archetype. 

You can tap into this cycle of shifting energy to help you understand and heal yourself and your body — and not only that but to dream up, receive guidance on, and implement your goals, your creative expression, and your work in the world.

So let’s talk about menstruation: the winter, the dark of the new moon, when you bleed.

This is the phase of the Wise Woman archetype.

If you’re on a Red Moon cycle, the Wise Woman is the archetype that’s dominant in your life. 

If you’re on a White Moon cycle, you’ll be in your menstrual/new moon phase when the moon itself is also in its new moon phase. 

But regardless of what the moon in the sky is doing, your bleeding time holds the promise of a new beginning and new life to come — just like the new moon or the earth under a blanket of snow.

The Wise Woman energy of menstruation is intuitive and deeply spiritual.

When you begin to bleed, the stress of pre-menstruation is released. Your awareness becomes diffuse and you’re deeply attuned to your inner reality. As the old cycle ends, you are offered a chance to reset your intentions and begin anew.

If you can, carve out time to be still, listen, receive guidance for the month ahead, and reflect on what you want to manifest — whether that’s a baby, a relationship, a project, a business, or a new attitude.

Just don’t try to figure out how you’ll achieve it (you want to save that for your next phase). Instead, find the feeling place of what it would feel like when what you desire manifests, and meditate on that feeling. In the dreamy energy of the Wise Woman, meditation is especially potent.

In your new moon time, open to the Divine, and let Her speak.

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