This week I’ve been talking about my journey to discovering the wisdom of my cyclical nature as a woman.

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Pre-menstruation: The Enchantress archetype, aligned with the waning moon and the energy of Autumn

Today I want to talk about menstruation itself: the Winter, the dark of the new moon, when we bleed.

This is the phase of the Wise Woman.

Like the new moon or the earth under a blanket of snow, our bleeding time holds the promise of a new beginning and new life to come.

Its energy is intuitive and deeply spiritual.

As the old cycle ends, we are offered a chance to reset our intentions and begin anew.

When we begin to bleed, the stress of pre-menstruation is released. During this phase our awareness is diffuse and we’re deeply attuned to the spiritual. Time spent in retreat from the demands of everyday life can provide transformational wisdom.

I can’t help but sleep longer and harder through the night and often I will take a day off during my period to just be.

If you can, carve out time to be still, listen, receive guidance for the month ahead, and reflect on what you want to manifest — whether that’s a baby, a relationship, a project, a business, or a new attitude.

But don’t try to figure out how you’ll achieve it. Instead, find the feeling place of what it would feel like when what you desire manifests, and meditate on that feeling.

I do this every day and it becomes especially potent when I’m in the dreamy energy of the Wise Woman.

During your new moon time, allow yourself to drop into a space of reception that transcends rational thought. Open to the Divine, and let it speak.

I was stunned when I first began to learn about the insight my cyclical body held for me. Why had I never, ever heard of this before? Why did no woman I asked have any clue about this beautiful and mystical information?

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help other women reveal the mysteries of their their moon cycles and their goddess energies.

If your spirit is giving you a big resonant YES and you want to dive deeper into this wisdom, check out my Moon Charting Mastery program and learn:

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