12122532_10156100748540357_6048482596593416771_nI’m writing you from beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m here for Pilates teacher training with my Toronto Pilates instructor. Rio is a stunning place, and I’ve had an incredible time learning so much about the body and how it works from some truly amazing women. It’s been a wonderful experience.

But if you ask me why I'm here, in the broader scope of my life purpose and path—why Brazil, why Pilates teacher training?—that’s a question I'm not quite sure how to answer. Other than to say that sometimes we need to trust our intuition and follow the signs, even if it’s not all clearly laid out.

It’s a lesson that I, like a lot of us, have taken a while to integrate into my life.

Following the signs (eventually)

About two years ago I started to get bad back spasms. My chiropractor had me do full scoliosis x-rays and we found lower back fusion of my spine. A student noticed that I was having substitute teachers in to teach for me every few weeks, and she asked what was going on. When I told her about my back problems, she said, “You have to go to this Pilates class at Body Harmonics.”

But our intuition doesn’t always line up with our readiness to act.


With Margot from Body Harmonics – this is harder than it looks!

Sometimes certain people or opportunities come along and we aren’t yet open to receiving the help they offer. Sometimes our intuition is guiding us but, for whatever reason, we’re unable to follow it.

The studio is a 5-minute walk from my house, but it still took me a year to finally get desperate enough that I followed that nudge and tried out the Core Essentials class at Body Harmonics. When I did I couldn’t believe I’d waited so long.

I felt like the class literally saved my life. I’ve spent the past couple years doing core work and have discovered that the exercises can get me out of my back pain. Pilates showed me that there were so many parts of my body that I wasn’t using properly, and over time I’ve been able to solve almost all my back problems with the help of her class.

So when I heard that Clarissa, my favourite Pilates teacher, was offering teacher training in Brazil with Margot, the owner, I felt an immediate longing to do the training. But it was a far-fetched, wouldn’t that be nice kind of wish and not something that I actually considered.

Until that intuition nudged again. And, not knowing exactly why, I took the steps to turn my wish into a plan.


IMG_0480It’s been incredible to be here with Margot and Clarissa. Margot has developed something truly phenomenal in her approach to understanding and working with the body. The biggest insight for me is that a lot of my back pain has come from not using my core properly. We’re not built to sit for hours, we’re built to move, and all the sitting we do as a society is so detrimental to the way the muscular body works. (And in the case of fertility, blood stagnation to the uterus is a huge problem, partly because of sitting all the time.)

I’m amazed that it’s movement that gets me out of pain. If I sequentially engage the right parts of my body—like turning my body on, muscle by muscle—the pain goes away.

So today on Canadian Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks in Brazil. I’m grateful to Margot and Clarissa. Grateful to have spent this incredible time in Rio with them. Grateful for the healing in my body.

And I'm grateful that even though I still don’t know all the reasons why I’m here, or how this time in Brazil fits into the overall picture of my life, I’ve learned enough to follow when I hear that inner voice say Go.

And that this time it didn’t take me a year to finally listen!

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