While I was meditating this morning I realized what I want most is to be free.  Free of all the challenges and difficulties of daily life.  The words that came to me were: I am free in the light. I soar above my mind’s churnings and I am free in the light.

I suddenly understood what my SRT Coach Yamini was trying to tell me last week – I had to stop trying to work everything out with my thinking mind.  For one is wasn’t working and two, it was driving me into an anxious, out-of-control feeling.  And that’s it, I’m not in control.  Life is asking me to stop trying to control things and even though I know this is true, it’s still not easy to stop flexing my mental muscles and soften into trust and faith.  But my affirmation is helping: I soar above my mind’s churnings and I am free in the light.

Every time I feel myself getting all caught up in brooding about everything that’s causing me to stress-out I imagine myself going above the mental plane of thought. I actually see myself flying above this mundane world of doing and ascending into a sea of light.  In this light I feel totally free of all the things that aren’t currently working out because I am truly free of it all.  Free to fly. Free to be at peace. And free to trust that if I just let it all go and spend more time being in the light, especially as I do all the things I need to do in my day, then it will all fall into place effortlessly.

So dear hearts I invite you to fly above the banter of your thoughts today and free yourself in the light.

Love and delight,