Recently I’ve been noticing how much time I spend doing things from a ‘gotta-get-it-done’ mode.  There is an intensity in the way I automatically brush my teeth, put cream on my body and even apply my make-up. When I’m doing these everyday tasks I’m in autopilot mode. Just trying to get it done as fast as possible.

What I know about myself, is by nature I’m an intense person . So when you combine that intensity with the drive to be productive it’s not a very relaxing experience. Which is why I’ve made a decision –  to soften out of stress by relaxing into my feminine energy. When I pay more attention to my sensual self and to my pleasure I really notice the difference being in my body makes. Instead of being in ‘go-go’ auto-pilot mode where I’m focused on getting it over with; I can slow down and savour the moment. I can invite in the experience instead of forging through it.

How do you approach your everyday tasks? Do you forge through? Or do you slow down, feel, and engage fully, body and mind?

For me mindfulness is the first step to feeling less stressed and more relaxed. The second step is to engage sensually. To feel all my senses wake up and participate fully in whatever task I’m doing. There is so much value in doing this. Try it and see. The next time you’re applying your make-up do it with loving care. Imagine how you would touch a lover or a child and touch yourself with the same tenderness.

Lastly, be kinder to yourself. You are a precious being that needs nurturing to grow (not criticism). Shower yourself with loving words and thoughts and you will blossom.

Inspired? Want more? 

Listen to this Yoga Goddess Meditation to soften out of stress and experience your beautiful vastness…