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Lately I have been reading intention setting forms from my students who want to be better to themselves. They want to find their way home to the peace, love and joy they know live somewhere inside but have gotten lost in all the busy-ness of life.

One of my new student’s wrote:

My intention is to get back to me. A healthy, creative, free spirited me.

These are the affirmations I suggested for her:

May I be divinely supported in getting back to me.

May this practice return me to my original state: a healthy, creative, free-spirited me.

I ask for support to look within, to focus and to listen.

Through my yoga and meditation practice may I look within, focus and listen.  May I use my daily practice to de-stress, and ultimately to let go.

I now choose to treasure and adore myself.

I celebrate the work I have been doing (getting back to nature, making time to have fun) and my new commitment to my Moon Goddess yoga and meditation practice to support myself in this intention for getting back to me: healthy, creative, free spirited me.

I love and accept myself. 

So be it and so it is.

My prayer is for you too to remember your wholeness and how perfect you are too. And I would love to support you take really good care of yourself so you feel more nourished and loved.

I’m cooking up a new way to help more of you to create and sustain your own yoga and meditation practice in the cozyness of your own home.  A practice that will motivate and inspire you to keep up because you feel and see the difference in yourself.  I’ll tell you all about it in my next newsletter so stay in touch by signing up for our spontaneous Yoga Goddess newsletters and on facebook if you aren’t already…

Love and delight,