If you’re trying to get pregnant, chances are you have a pretty good idea of when you ovulate.

But it’s easy to overlook the precious interplay of all 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and their holistic role in your reproductive health.

Because every phase of your cycle holds tremendous insight into who you are as a woman and a mama-to-be: your moods, emotions, sex drive, energy levels…and your fertility.

So how do you tap into that essential information?

Through charting your menstrual cycle alongside the moon’s cycle.

What is less understood about your fertility's connection to the moon is the concept of your Natal Lunar Fertile Phase: the idea that ovulation can be triggered when the moon is in the same lunar phase it was in at the time of your birth–regardless of where you are in your cycle.

What this means is that you potentially have two fertile windows: biological ovulation in the middle of your cycle, and the time each month when the moon returns to the phase it was in at your birth.

But it’s also possible for your lunar fertility phase to coincide with ovulation.

What’s that mean?

It means you can have one extra-powerful fertile window each month.

By charting and keeping track of both your lunar and biological cycles, it becomes easy to know exactly how fertile you will be at what point in the month.

And you can shift your biological ovulation to coincide with your natal lunar fertile phase to create that extra-powerful fertile window.

Because you should be in control of your fertility, whatever your age.

Moon Charting knowledge + Lunar Conception knowledge empowers you with that control.

By following your menstrual cycle’s connection with the moon: the connection you intuitively know affects your fertility…you’re just not sure how.

Which leads us to…the Lunar Conception Challenge!

If you’re trying to conceive and you intuitively sense that giving conscious attention to your cycle’s relationship with the moon will improve your chances of conception, I've created this challenge especially for you.

Here's what you'll do:

1) Your first step in the challenge happens right here, when you answer yes or no to this question:

Do you want to improve your chances of conceiving by synching your menstrual cycle with the moon?

Because if you do, it starts with connecting deeply with your body and listening to what your cycle is trying to tell you.

This is information about your fertility that no doctor or clinic can give you.

You could take charge of how you’re going to get pregnant. You could manifest your baby on your own terms.

So your first choice is to decide if you want to sync your menstrual cycle with the moon to improve your fertility.

2) Next step: Sign up here to let me know you’re in!  

I have just bundled my Moon Charting Mastery program (normally a stand-alone offering) with my Lunar Conception program especially for this Lunar Conception Challenge. You get instant access to both programs, plus 3 sweet bonuses. {Full details here}

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3) Make sure you’re a member of the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle (just request access–it’s free), then come on in and introduce yourself!

As a member of the Lunar Conception Challenge, you get VIP treatment: you can ask me all your questions in our Support Circle, get the answers straight from me, and connect with the other women who are joining. Plus I’ll be posting questions, polls, and prompts to help you get started.

4) And then…get started!

  • First you’ll have the fun of discovering your natal lunar fertile phase–a new piece of information about yourself and your fertility that feels really empowering.
  • Just like when you eat something that’s so delicious you want to share it, take a second to come share your natal lunar fertile phase with us in the Support Circle. (We’ll find out how many of us were full moon babies!)
  • Then you’ll begin tracking your cycle using my newly-designed moon cycle charts, with the help of my Moon Charting Master Class.
  • Next you’ll shift your biological ovulation into that super-charged window (I’ll show you how).

You’ll immediately feel more confident and empowered, because you did something different–something that came directly from the map of your body. Not from some doctor, some drug, or some book.

Sure you’ve had sex in your ovulatory phase before. What you haven’t tried is combining ovulation, sex and this.

The Challenge is officially open for joining NOW.

It’s a small investment compared to the money you’d have to scrape together to put that expertise back into somebody else’s hands (like, for example, the $10,000 to $20,000 you’ll need for IVF).

Plus, I promise this will be way more fun!

You in, Goddess?

==>> YES! I’m ready to take the Lunar Conception Challenge.