Too often as women, we lose touch with our vitality, passion, sensuality, and delight. Today is the perfect day to get out of your head, embrace your body, connect with the wild places within you, and reignite your sexual fire. And I’d like to invite you to do just that.

Are you in?

Get started by taking my How Sexy Are You? quiz below to get a sense of where you may need more support in reigniting that fire!

How Sexy Are You? Quiz

Respond to the following statements by placing one of these numbers next to each statement:

Never (-2) Unsure (-1) That’d be nice, but… (0) Sometimes/ sort of (1) Definitely (2)

___During sex: I am all there, body and heart
___ I think about sex throughout my day
___I feel passionate and attractive
___I communicate my desires to my partner and make sure (gently) that they know how to fulfill my needs

___My underwear drawer is heavier on the black lace and lighter on the white cotton
___I make a point of being flirtatious with my partner day-to-day
___I love using my body to dance, bike, run, do yoga, even just stride purposefully down the street

___A quick peck on the cheek? No way–I kiss like there’s a lot more where that came from
___I make full use of the text message as a seduction tool
___I initiate sex as often or more often than my partner does (and not just because I’m ovulating and we’re trying to conceive)


The whole idea behind our upcoming series is to help you improve your score no matter where you’re at today, so don’t worry if you had a lot of zeros or lower. This is exactly what we’re going to address–and it’s going to be fun!

And if your overall score was on the low side (10 or lower), or even if it wasn’t but you’d like to embrace even more opportunities to revel in your sensuality, I invite you to come along with me on a journey into our passionate sexual selves.

Now that you have your quiz results, I have a 3-part series to share with you to Unblock Your Sexy. It’s going to be full of actionable (fun!) steps and empowering rituals to help you connect with the sensual part of yourself and break through any blocks to being the sexy, feminine goddess you’re meant to be.

First up in the series: 3 Affirmations to Amp up Your Sexiness.

Love and delight,