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There’s a mysterious and magical connection between the monthly changes in your female body and the phases of the moon. Understanding and flowing with the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle aligns you with the natural wisdom inherent in your body…and gives you a built-in key to unlocking your spiritual, emotional, and mental strengths.

In case you need a refresher, the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle are:

  • Pre-ovulation, before you release an egg — phase of the Maiden archetype, aligned with the crescent moon and the energy of Springtime
  • Ovulation, when the egg is released — phase of the Mother archetype, aligned with the full moon and the energy of Summertime
  • Premenstruation, when your body prepares to shed the lining of the uterus — phase of the Enchantress archetype, aligned with the waning moon and the energy of Autumn
  • Menstruation, when you bleed — phase of the Wise Woman archetype, aligned with the dark of the new moon and the energy of Winter

So let’s talk about pre-ovulation, the springtime or crescent moon phase that comes after the winter of menstruation. 

This is the phase of the Maiden archetype.

If you’re on a Pink Moon cycle, the Maiden is the archetype that’s dominant in your life. 

The time right after your period, before you release an egg, is symbolized in the crescent moon: that thin sliver of moon waxing toward fullness after the dark of the new moon.

After menstruation and before ovulation you experience a rise in estrogen, the feel-good hormone that erases your memory from the previous month’s problems and gives you a fresh new start.

The Maiden is all about rebirth, new enthusiasm, mental clarity and physical vigour. 

It’s a perfect time to connect with the youthful, vibrant part of you that’s full of energy and possibility…whether that’s the sassy, sexy playgirl or the confident, optimistic mother-to-be!

If you’re trying to conceive, the Maiden means a fresh month and a fresh start.

If you’re focused on birthing projects and ideas instead, it’s an ideal time to repeat positive affirmations and plan for the future you desire.

The Maiden brings a get-up-and-go energy, ready to take on new ventures, outline goals, develop new ideas.

In the Maiden phase, anything is possible!

I tend to get that burst of renewed energy right when my period starts, but it didn’t used to be that way. Before I began working consciously with the ebb and flow of my cycle, I suffered from period cramps. The pain would take me down into the depths of my being, forcing me to stop and just be and take care of myself.

Now I take that self-care, slow-down time before my period, and my periods are generally pain-free.

Taking the time to get to know my cycle and listen to what my body needs really changed how I relate and communicate with my feminine self.

I love tuning in to the wisdom of my menstrual cycle. And I especially love working with the archetypal goddess energies that come with each phase. 

Doing this has transformed my relationship with myself as a feminine being.

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