As a woman with a period, you have you a cycle of shifting energy embodied inside you. Embracing this cycle can help you not only heal yourself but also dream up, receive guidance on, and implement your goals, your creative expression, and your work in the world.

Taking the time to get to know my period through cycle charting transformed not just my periods (no more cramps!) but my entire relationship with my feminine self.

And part of that knowledge has to do with the beautiful ways our menstrual cycles align with the cycles of the earth, including the seasons and the moon.

In case you need a refresher, the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle are:

  • Pre-ovulation, before you release an egg — phase of the Maiden archetype, aligned with the crescent moon and the energy of Springtime
  • Ovulation, when the egg is released — phase of the Mother archetype, aligned with the full moon and the energy of Summertime
  • Premenstruation, when your body prepares to shed the lining of the uterus — phase of the Enchantress archetype, aligned with the waning moon and the energy of Autumn
  • Menstruation, when you bleed — phase of the Wise Woman archetype, aligned with the dark of the new moon and the energy of Winter

So let’s talk about ovulation, the summertime or full moon phase when you are bright, vibrant, and fertile.

This is when you cycle into the nurturing energy of the Mother archetype.

If you’re on a White Moon cycle, the Mother is the archetype that’s dominant in your life right now. 

If you’re on a Red Moon cycle, you’re in your menstrual/new moon phase when the moon is full, and in your personal full moon phase (ovulating) when the moon is dark.

Ovulation is a time of fullness. Like the full moon, you’re ripe and abundant. This, of course, is when you can conceive a baby, but the hormones that peak in your body at ovulation create the perfect environment not only for the support of a fertilized egg but also for the nourishment of your dreams, ideas and goals — your “creative children.”

Unlike the mental, go-go focus of the Maiden, ovulation connects you to your heart, which brings a strong emotional focus. You have boundless energy to nurture yourself, your loved ones, and your deepest desires. This is the time to reach out, to bond, and to discuss relationship problems, because now is when you bring the most empathy to communication. 

I don’t generally ovulate with the full moon. My body tends to follow the rhythm of the Red Moon cycle, so I often menstruate with the full moon.

Every woman is different. It’s not so important whether your cycle is in direct rhythm with the moon’s phases. What’s important is to realize how intricately your female energy is connected with the lunar energy, what these connections are, and how they can help you play and grow your own goddess energy.

If you want to dive deeper into your menstrual-moon cycle wisdom, check out my Moon Charting Mastery program and learn:

  • The exact steps to chart your cycle with the moon (tracking tables included)
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